Blogger Chris Owen

Where was your photo taken?
At Misty Fjords, Alaska on the wing of a seaplane that I had used to tour for the day. In this photo we had landed on a pristine lake where the only sound we heard was a bear or beavers fishing. Or so said the guide — it might have been Uncle Zeb splashing around in the bushes for all we know.

Where do you live now?
Orlando, Florida aka Paradise to this guy who spent a few too many cold, angry winters farther North.

Scariest airline flown?
Spirit Airlines from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale and just last July. It was like being on a prison plane. “We leave in 5 minutes, seated or not!” and I think they meant it. Gilda, the Nazi cabin attendant was overheard saying “I can’t wait until we get the stand-up seatinig” with glee.

Favorite city/country/place?
St Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands where I will live some day. I have friends who already made the jump and they just love it there.

Most remote corner of the globe visited?
Mt McKinley in Alaska, the highest peak in North America. I did not climb the peak but did wave at the ants below as we flew around them in a plane much like my dad had when I was a little kid.

Favorite Guidebook series?
Frommers, but I have to tell you, I used guidebooks once and that was about it — and that was a long long time ago. I like going places recommended by friends or travel writers as best bets, out-of-the way places and hardly ever touristy attractions except for the “I did that” factor.

Worst hotel experience ever?
The Colby Hotel in Colby, Kansas. Winter of some year when I was a little kid. We drove through a bizzard from Kansas City to way Western Kansas at about 12 miles an hour the whole way. Got to the hotel and we were the only ones in it and everything was shut down. We burned furniture in garbage cans outside to cook with and melted snow to have drinking water.

Dream travel destination?
Egypt including a cruise on the Nile. I’m pretty sure I was of royal ancestry in a previous life but won’t know for sure until I arrive there some day. Yes, I really mean that. In 8th grade a Social Studies teacher made us do exacting hand drawings of pyramids and other structures. I was hooked then and probably always will be until I get there… or get back, depending on how it all plays out.

Favorite means of transportation?
Cruise ship/liner of course! No matter what happens on land, I always have a nice cozy cruise ship to come back home to at night. The last Non-US hotel I stayed at was in London and I didn’t like it one bit. I was quite a hit in the hotel lobby though asking where I get “more of these pieces of money” referring to the odd bills with strange faces and coins of strange sizes.

Have you ever had an unexpected layover? What did you do?
At Chicago, Midway. I had flown in for a job interview and was scheduled to fly out the same day. When I got there I had the fastest interview in history and that guy was gone. I found out later after lake-effect snow shut everything down why he wanted out so fast. I was stuck there for two days. I pretended I was a traveling talent agent looking for new acts. You’d be surprised the things people will do/sing/play if they think they have a chance to be famous.