Personal semi submarine pontoon awesomobile

I am pissed I still don’t have a hover-board. For sure, by this year of 2011, I should be carving around the streets of Neotokyo, just me and my board. The closest thing we have to teleportation is TelePresence, which is like some off-brand Star Wars tech. We still get to where we are heading in planes older than Justin Bieber, at familiarly slow speeds. My list of modern grievances is long, and I generally feel that the future of my childhood expectations has failed to keep up with Moore’s law.

Every now and then though, something comes along that makes me feel like I am part of some cool present day future. The personal semi submarine by South Korean manufacturer Raonhaje is case in point. Named “Ego,” it looks like a craft that a twelve year old doodled in the margins of his notebook, only to have Apple designers in Cupertino perfect it for production. The personal semi submarine relies on pontoons to keep the craft afloat, and an LCD monitor in the cabin displays an above water view via an HD camera. To steer this awesome craft, you utilize pedals and a wheel, much like in a car. The vehicle is completely electric, with an 8 hour range at cruising speed. It goes on sale in October of 2011. Get in line behind me.

image via CNN