Video: ten filthy hotel rooms as reviewed by travelers

When it comes to hotel reviews, most people will only take the time to review bad experiences. Sites like TripAdvisor are full of horror stories from filthy hotel rooms around the world. And thanks to these reviews, we get a yearly lineup of the dirtiest hotels in America.

Thankfully, not all complaints are text-only, plenty of travelers take to YouTube to upload their own dirty hotel reviews. We’ve collected ten of the funniest, starting with a hotel in Layyoune, Western Sahara seen above.

A visit of a “dirty and disgusting hotel” in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

The “worst extended stay deluxe hotel in all of Austin”

Hotel Carter in New York City – voted dirtiest hotel in 2009 by TripAdvisor and visited by our very own Mike Barish.

Amsterdam Dump – with a shower right above the toilet. Talk about efficency.

How to make comedy funny? Add the Benny Hill theme song. How to make a bad hotel funny? Add the Fawlty Towers theme song!

Water from the ceiling out of a shower head = good. Water from the ceiling without a shower head = bad.

Kitchen – shower – bathroom. What is missing here? How about a door?

Guest at a five star hotel films his bedbug infested bed. Itchy yet?

Something you don’t hear in most hotel room reviews: “Lauren almost wet herself when the refrigerator door fell on my feet and cracked a tile”.