Middle West Spirits is making great vodka in Columbus

Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating their 1st birthday this summer and as a nod to the delicious liquor I tried during my most recent trip to Columbus, I wanted to say… Happy Birthday, guys.

Ryan Lang and Brady Konya were new to Columbus from the West Coast when they started Middle West Spirits. And although they were newbies, they got the attention of the vodka-drinking Buckeyes without any trouble. OYO Vodka (pronounced Oh-Why-Oh) is actually some of the best vodka I’ve ever had. Made from wheat grown in Northern Ohio and milled locally, the care infused into this vodka surpasses the locality of the ingredients.

Distilled over the course of seven days, Lang and Konya make their vodka in defiance of traditional vodka guidelines.
Generally speaking, vodka is thought to be a colorless, tasteless, and odorless liquor. But Middle West Spirits doesn’t like their vodka that way. It might be difficult to pinpoint, but OYO Vodka has a distinct taste–one that stands out when taste-tested against well-known brands, like Grey Goose.

Drop by Middle West Spirits the next time you’re in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. They have open house every Wednesday from 5-7pm or you can arrange a tour by contacting tours@middlewestspirits.com.