Like the Lufthansa baby, give her miles for life

Last year, a flight between Frankfurt and Denver was disrupted by a medical emergency. One of the passengers, Heather Randle, went into labor nearly two months early and despite the plane’s diversion into Canada the child was delivered onboard safely.

The delivery was broadly covered by the news media, and now that baby Trudance is turning 1 this year, Lufthansa is donating increments of miles to the child as a birthday present.

For every “like” that the airline gets on its customized Facebook page they’ll donate 100 miles to Trudance’s account — not very much, but when you add up a tidal wave of hits then the aggregate can be significant. Right now, the Lufthansa site has almost 223,000 likes (we’re not sure what percentage of those are dedicated to Baby Trudance), and if one in ten of those is dedicated to the birthday effort then that’s a total of over two million miles. For a girl that’s barely 12 months old, that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Just be aware — every time you “like” another travel brand you’re signing up for low level Facebook marketing from the group, so make sure you’re ready to get Lufthansa news (or you have the mute button ready.)

You can send the birthday miles over at the Lufthansa Facebook Page.

UPDATE: According to the folks at Lufthansa, “the only way that Trudence will receive miles is if individuals actually write a birthday wish to her… we are not rewarding per ‘LIKE.'” — So, in addition to liking the page it looks like you also need to write a birthday wish as well.

[flickr image via wbaiv]