Photo of the Day (8/30/06)

Jungle House
Something about this door feels quite inviting. Like you could walk right in and find a family of smiling faces waiting for you with food and ice-cold drinks. If you listen closely you can almost hear laughter and storytelling coming from the other side. A door like this also looks as though it might be out of Thailand or Costa Rica or some tropical place, but this so-called Jungle House is in Cameroon. Localsurfer has a whole set from Cameroon found in our Gadling Flickr pool and then some! If you’d like your photo featured then upload some now!

Photo of the Day (8/14/06)

Recently, on my personal site, I wrote about how my favourite part of travel wasn’t seeing the famous monuments or landmarks, but rather the connections that I make with the people of the countries where I visit. I think that’s why I was moved by this photo of a local Cameroon barber giving a tourist a haircut, taken by the indefatiguable localsurfer. He says, “Everywhere we go we have to have at least one photo of a barber shop. Dunno why, it’s just what we do.” I’m guessing it’s because he values travel connections as much as I do.

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Survival International & Baka Beyond

ietaSurvival International is an organization that has long helped tribal
people defend their lives, land and determine their own futures. Together with a group of Baka musicians from the Cameroonian rainforest they are hoping to spread the word
internationally about the forest dwellers who are being overlooked and persecuted by local and global organizations.
The Baka’s music is apart of everyday life where the villagers are often woken by women singing
"Yelli" to bring animals from the forest for successful hunting. When they bathe in the river there
seems to be music too. The opportunity to witness Baka Beyond during their upcoming
tour in April-May is one that shouldn’t be missed. Come for their intricate sounds, learn of the people, their
situation and lend your hand in their struggle.

As of right now all tour dates are solely in the UK,
beginning April 30 in Westonbirt. For a full tour listing click here.