Photo Of The Day: Melting Landscape

Today’s Photo of the Day may look like a painting, but according to Flickr user GogoTheGogo, the effect came from the heat of the boat rather than a post-processing effect. The melting landscape from the Croatian island of Cres is a fitting embodiment of the hazy dog days of summer, which will reach its end for many of us this weekend with the arrival of Labor Day. We may miss the long days and the beach trips, but the humidity and stickiness will be gladly traded for crisp fall days and comfy sleeping weather.

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Video Of The Day: Woman ‘Walks The Line’ Between Two Speeding Trucks

On a deserted highway in Vrgorac, Croatia, Faith Dickey walks a slackline between two speeding trucks as they barrel toward a tunnel. Slacklining is an increasingly popular extreme sport developed by climbers in Yosemite Valley, California, in the 1970s and 1980s. It is similar to tightrope walking, but instead of walking on a taut steel cable slackliners make their way across a piece of nylon webbing anchored between two points. Although this high production video was filmed by Volvo to show off the company’s new FH model truck, Dickey’s abilities (as well as those of the truck drivers) are not any less impressive.

“The stunt itself had to have been the most difficult line I have ever walked,” writes Dickey on her website. “It took numerous rehearsals and numerous attempts, the ratio of walks to falls was quite distanced. Unlike a slackline, where you cause the movement, the line between trucks was moving due to bumps in the road and of course any sway in the trailers where the line was attached.”

Photo Of The Day: Skradinski Buk

Skradinski Buk is a natural pool with waterfalls located in Krka National Park in Croatia’s Dalmatia. The area of natural beauty is visually arresting enough to wrest seaside-focused tourists inland for a few hours. This fact by itself is really saying something, as the Dalmatian coast is exquisitely lovely in the summer.

This image was snapped by Flickr user mmusnjak, who has lots of other great photos of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in his Flickr photostream.

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Photo Of The Day: Sunset Walk

Flickr user GogoTheGogo has taken a photo of what looks like the end of a perfect day. The image features a solitary figure in silhouette walking through the grass against a fiery orange sky in Zagreb, Crotia. I love the warm colors, the way the light plays off the little puffs of cloud, and most of all, the anonymity of that lone figure who gets to take this magnificent scene in.

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Six Great Mediterranean Cruise Ship Ports

Some of the best Mediterranean cruise ship ports appear on a variety of itineraries from several cruise lines. Traveling via cruise ship, vacationers are able to see six or more different ports on a seven- to 10-day sailing. That’s covering a lot of ground quickly and efficiently, making a Mediterranean cruise one of the most intense of all sailings.

As if a new, different and exciting port every day was not enough, shore excursions on a Mediterranean cruise run between four and 10 hours long. That makes for a long day, but one well worth it when visiting iconic bucket list destinations like Rome in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia or Marseilles in France. After a few days on board, destinations can seem to run together though, with no plan in place for getting the most out of time spent ashore.

Savvy travelers learn quickly to pace themselves. An interesting cruise ship-sponsored Mediterranean cruise shore excursion at every other port usually works well. Choosing the “on your own” version of an excursion seems to produce good results for many as opposed to being carted around from place to place with a tour group. At the ports where no excursion is planned, many travelers choose to simply walk off the ship and enjoy the day shopping, sight seeing or simply sitting at a sidewalk cafe, drinking in the local flavor.

Here are six of our favorite cruise ship ports of call when sailing the waters of the Mediterranean.


[Photos by Chris Owen]