Africa Travel: Lesotho

If you happen to make it to the tiny enclave inside of South Africa that is the country of Lesotho you must visit the Malealea village. Malealea is where you will get the entire Lesotho experience in a nutshell, so it is said. The landscape in the area is stunning to say the very least and for several reasons. Brightly colored plant-life rests on rolling green hills and flat lands while rivers trickle through the country’s orange colored canyons. To avoid my imagination running wild and writing what I dream the area to smell and look like during dusk and dawn I suppose it’s best to refer you to this Malealea photo gallery. Should you be taken by the photos continue further to see what the Malealea Lodge has to offer in terms of their accommodation and pony trek tours. Apparently the ponies are the best way to explore the country.