Word for the Travel Wise (10/26/06)

Long ago, way, way back earlier this year I mentioned a travel piece found in VIBE on their 2006 hot spots. One of those spots was surprisingly the tiny South American country known as Suriname, but is it really all that surprising? If you’re trying to escape tourist crowded Brazil or Venezuela, Suriname comes in as a close much quieter fit – tropical temps, Afro-Dutch culture and delicious food to be found all over the island country. I’ve never been, but I imagine the food to be mouth-watering. Anyhow, we don’t talk much about Suriname here, but as I mentioned before check out the VIBE piece or this one by Erik on Suriname and neighboring country Guyana.

Today’s word is a Dutch word used in Suriname:

mooi – beautiful

I used AltaVista’s Babel Fish Translation service for this word, so I pray it is correct. In other words don’t blame me if there is a glitch in their translation services.

Dutch is a Western Germanic language spoken by some 22 million people mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is also spoken in Suriname, eastern Guyana, Aruba, South Africa and Indonesia. Check out additional information on Wikipedia. To learn Dutch online start with BBC Quick Fix which gives you the travel basics with full clear audio. LearnDutch.org offers distance-learning classes which they note as being used by people in 115 countries. All Free Dictionaries has a generator much like Babel Fish where you can type in a word or two and have it translated instantly. If you’re hitting the road soon and need a guide for the backpack Rough Guides offers a Dutch Phrasebook which can be purchased on Amazon for a decent price. Click here to find schools abroad to further your knowledge of the Dutch lingo. With this language there are many resources online, but you’ll have to sift through many to find the best one for you.