Go Outside: Here’s Why You Need To Leave The House

Travel is all about leaving your comfort zone. Even to travel locally, you need to go outside.

But with the masses becoming exponentially more sedentary and with staycations on the rise, we’re collectively becoming a culture of people who just don’t get out enough. This isn’t good for our minds –- seeing new places and people and trying new things is integral to a developing mind. But this isn’t good for our physical health, either. AsapScience put this video together in an effort to explain what would happen to you if you stopped going outside entirely.

Spoiler alert: you’re going to want to go outside after watching this video.

Now Is A Good Time To Become A Pilot

If you’ve ever wanted to become a pilot, now is a good time to follow through on that desire. According to USA Today, airlines are now preparing to face a pilot shortage that will leave the industry needing almost half a million new pilots by 2032.

Three of the biggest factors behind this swelling need for pilots are expanding fleets for many airlines, more complex laws enacted regarding pilot safety, and approaching retirement for many pilots. The increase in pilot demand is greater than previously reported by Boeing and the fact that flight school loans can sometimes reach $100,000 isn’t helping to narrow the gap between pilot supply and demand.

So if becoming a pilot has always been a dream of yours, now is a good time to realize that dream –- the travel industry needs you.

School Hero Antoinette Tuff’s Next Move: Getting Underprivileged Kids To Travel

It was just another day at work for Antoinette Tuff on August 20 when the routine work scene rapidly changed at the hands of a young gunman who intended to murder the students of the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Georgia.

Tuff courageously talked to the shooter and convinced him not to follow through with his plans to wreak havoc on the school and surrounding community. Her inspiring story has been told through news outlets repeatedly since the incident and just two days after the would-be shooting, Tuff decided to use her public platform for good.

She launched a fundraising campaign here in an effort to help inner city kids travel and see the world. Her initial goal for the project was set at $1,500 but she has so far raised a staggering $105,868 (at time of publication).

Travel provides knowledge, compassion and context for those who embrace it. We’re excited to see this campaign do so well.

10 Strangest Things That Have Washed Up On The Jersey Shore

A boat made news when it ran ashore on an Atlantic City beach this week. But this isn’t the first surprising thing to wash up on the Jersey Shore, and it’s hardly the strangest. Here are ten weird things that have washed up on the Jersey Shore.

1. Dead Dolphins: Dolphins continue to wash ashore, sparking discussion about what’s killing them off. Most recently, four dolphins turned up on the South Jersey shore.

2. Syringes: 36 syringes washed up on an Island Beach State Park beach this summer. And lots of other syringes have been found in the sand around here before.

3. Rockets: When a rocket warhead was found on an Atlantic City beach last summer, newscasters informed viewers that discovering rockets on the beach is relatively normal.

4. Seals: Five seals washed up on the shore in Atlantic City on the same day last spring.

5. Sharks: A dead hammerhead shark drifted ashore in Atlantic City last year.6. A Shoe With A Human Foot Inside: This washed ashore south of Atlantic City earlier this month.

7. Mystery Flesh: Chunks of flesh or organs from an unknown creature appeared on a New Jersey beach in 2009.

8. Whales: A whale that had been dead for a while washed up on the Ocean City beach in 2012.

9. Love Letters: A collection of World War II love letters floated onto a beach in Atlantic Highlands after Hurricane Sandy.

10. Tampon Applicators: Check out this 1981 newspaper clipping warning beachgoers in New Jersey about tampon applicators that washed up by the hundreds.

Korean Rice Wine Uses Shocking Ingredient in the Name of Medicine

Warning: this video is graphic and is most likely going to make you lose your appetite — or any desire for a glass of rice wine.

A recent video from VICE documents the making of Korean Children’s Feces Wine which is, alarmingly, a real thing. With real feces. The wine is a traditional treatment that’s nearly obsolete in modern Korean medicine. But VICE found a doctor who still believes in the wine’s health benefits and makes it himself. In order to make the drink, a child’s feces has to be procured through an “open-minded” mother, as the doctor explains in the video.

I can’t help but think about the urine-marinated eggs sold in Dongyang, China; the fact that some people eat foreskin; and all the other gross and weird food from around the world. All of these stories have made me completely against trying any food if I don’t know what’s in it. I had the unfortunate timing of watching this video while eating my lunch. Be sure you don’t repeat my mistake.