Denver International Airport wants to offer carbon offsets to passengers

Carbon offsets are a hot item these days, especially for travelers. In terms of travel methods, flying is one of the biggest producers of CO2. But sometimes opting for a long train ride is out of the question and we are forced to hop on an airplane. This is when the eco-conscious traveler finds a good carbon offsets program and pays to have a carbon neutral footprint.

The Denver International Airport is currently trying to facilitate that process and institute a program which would allow passengers to buy carbon offsets in its concourses. The offsets would pay for renewable energy and power-saving projects that help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently the airport is looking for a carbon offset provider by soliciting proposals for a 3 year non-exclusive contract to offer the carbon offsets to passengers. Initiating a program such as this one would make it one of the first airports in the country to do so.

“Airports and airlines are under more and more scrutiny regarding greenhouse gas emissions and how they can offset climate change. . . This offers a small step in the right direction to raise awareness and let people know that airports want to do the right thing,” stated Janelle Barrilleaux, the airport’s director of environmental programs.

Denver hopes the program will be running by August, but not only out of goodwill; the airport expects to reap a percentage of the profits, according to the Rocky Mountain News. You can read more about it here.