Another war-torn golf course?

It’s becoming pretty clear that the U.S. government equates golf with peace, freedom and stability. The best way to “ruin a good walk” is on its way to Baghdad’s “Green Zone,” which is what the comparatively safe part of the city is called. The Joint Contracting Command Iraq, Mission Support Division is trying to find the equipment necessary to construct a driving range on Phoenix Base in this stressful part of the world. Since I’ve never met relaxed golfer, this could only serve to escalate anxiety levels in an already scary place.

As you know, Green Zone golf would not be the first instance of our exporting a game that leads to high spending, frustration and marital discord. The United States has already plopped a one-hole golf course in the Korean DMZ. The only question that remains: will the new Iraqi course snatch the “most dangerous golf course in the world” title from Panmunjom?

All the joking aside, anything that makes our troops happier is okay with me. Hell, give ’em a cigar to smoke while the smack golf balls past checkpoints.

[Via Washington Post, scroll to the bottom of the page when you get there]