Photo Of The Day: Black Rock Beach

Summer advances slowly. Flickr user LadyExpat (Back in Daejeon) captured this idyllic springtime scene on Black Rock Beach in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this past Wednesday.

It wasn’t always quite so lovely round these parts. Black Rock Beach, situated in Point Pleasant Park, was near the site of the public hanging of a notorious pirate in 1809. Today’s vision of the beach is not quite so violent, thankfully; it looks like a truly lovely place for a spring or summer picnic.

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Dumb Dutch duo flies 4000 miles in the wrong direction, to the wrong Sydney

Every year, at least one idiot makes the news by proving their total lack of basic geography knowledge.

Such is the story of Dutchman Johannes Rutten and his grandson.

Mr. Rutten had booked tickets for his dream trip from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia.

After an 8 hour flight on Air Canada, he made his stopover in Halifax, for the final leg to Sydney.

By now, 99.99% of readers will most likely know something is wrong – not Mr. Rutten. He got on the final segment, and landed about an hour later. When he got off the plane, the cabin crew alerted the local Air Canada rep that they had 2 passengers arriving at the wrong Sydney.

To make matters worse, the duo arrived with no money (except for some Australian Dollars). Thankfully, Air Canada has a warm place in their heart for stupid people – so they put them up in a hotel (for free) and are working on arranging an earlier return for them as soon as possible.

The worst part? The duo booked their flights through a travel agency – which obviously invalidates the whole argument that it pays to use an expert to book your flights. It boggles the mind how someone can board a Canadian airline, transit at a small Canadian airport to an even smaller airport, and not sense something is really, really wrong.