Daily Pampering: Get a Running Concierge

It can be hard to keep up with your workout regimen when you’re out of town. The Westin Jersey City Newport has an extra special service to help you stay on your game — one which is likely to be copied all over the world: The Running Concierge.

The Running Concierge is a free service for anyone who wants to go for a run during their stay. Yes, there are treadmills in the fitness center at the hotel, but who wants to be cooped up indoors when they’re in a location like Jersey City or Newport; safe, friendly cities with stunning views of Manhattan?

The Running Concierge meets you in the lobby and takes you outside to start stretching. During your stretches, you can talk about how hard you’d like to push, how far you’d like to go and if there are any special places you’d like to see. Need to know where the nearest grocery store is? That can be included in your run. Two birds, one stone.

The current Running Concierge at The Westin Jersey City Newport is Dawn Waters, a friendly guy who can take you all around the boardwalks and show you the glittering New York City morning skyline. Whether you want to go one mile, three miles, eight miles or take breaks every couple of minutes, he’s happy to help make your run a good one. Waters is passionate about running and does this job in addition to his duties as Business Travel Sales Manager — in fact, it was his idea.

Knowing that you have an appointment with the Running Concierge makes you at least twice as likely to actually go out and run. It’s not often that you can get a luxury service like this for free.

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I visited The Westin Jersey City Newport as their guest, but the opinions expressed in this article are 100% my own.