Daily travel deal – 5 night “Irish Sampler” from $729

Our daily travel deal for today is great if you are one of the many people that has Ireland on their “must visit” list, but never had the chance to visit this beautiful country.

The deal consists of everything you need to get to Ireland, spend 5 nights (or more) in a decent hotel, and drive around at your own leisurely pace.

Starting at just $729, you’ll get airfare (the quoted price is based on a Chicago departure), 5 nights of hotel accommodation with breakfast and 6 days of car rental.

If 5 nights is not enough for you, then you add nights at any of the 3 cities on your itinerary (Limerick, Killarney and Dublin). Each extra night and rental car day adds about $70 to the package.

Most of the flight options involve a stopover in London Heathrow or Paris, but smart travelers can make the best of that by adding a little time to visit those cities on the way to Ireland (the airfare rules won’t let you stay in a stopover city longer than 24 hours).

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