Video: Asian animation studio mocks U.S. airline fees

Asian animation studio Next Media Animation took to YouTube to mock North American airlines for their insane fee structure – and managed to create a hilarious video as only they can make.

In the clip, airport baggage handlers are displayed as football players and amenities are auctioned off inflight.

Even the American flight attendant doesn’t escape unharmed – they are presented as old, lazy and too busy doing their nails in the galley. At the end of the clip, they recommend flying one of the “five star Asian carriers” – but fail to realize none of them fly domestic…

Full-body scanner / pat-down controversy gets the cartoon treatment

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has turned the spreading controversy over airport full-body scanners and pat-downs into a cartoon.

The animation house releases news videos each day on YouTube and provides English translations for some of the videos.

The animation summarizes – and mocks – the recent incidents in the United States when air passengers have refused full-body scans and pat-downs – the Travel Security Administration’s recently released enhanced security measures.

Among the scenes in the video:

  • A cross-dressing male passenger fights off a TSA agent’s advances and reveals undergarments with explosives and a tag reading “Osama’s Secret”
  • Protestors wave signs that read “Don’t Touch My Junk”
  • The name of the full-body scanner manufacturer is “RapeScan Systems.”
  • Naked passengers take over a plane on Nov. 24, which protestors have deemed National Opt-Out Day.
  • A female passenger requests that her pat-down be done in private, and is taken to a room with a king-size bed and a seductively dancing TSA agent.