Rock like Romeo for Valentine’s Day

Want to become Romeo? Ladies, want to turn your husband or boyfriend into the most romantic character who never lived (and didn’t even do that long)? Check out the latest deal from the Romeo Hotel in Naples, Italy; it’s designed to turn even a guy like me into a real romantic. For a rate starting at 625 euro, you’ll be able to spend two nights in a Deluxe Harbor View Room, enjoy champagne and roses upon arrival and wander the city with a personalized Romeo Hotel City Guide to help you uncover the hidden secrets in the cradle of western civilization. The guide was put together by the hotel staff, so you’ll get the insider’s view, not what you’d normally find in a guidebook.

The package also includes a gourmet dinner at the hotel‘s fine dining establishment, Il Commandante, including wine, but you’ll have to choose from a collection with more than 1,000 labels. Top your trip off with a complimentary trip to Romeo Wellness, the hotel’s spa.

Marry at the House of Juliet, hope for better results

Finally, there’s a wedding destination for fans of Ishtar, Zima and the Dukakis campaign – among other disasters. If you want a bit of hype to your nuptials, book some space at The House of Juliet. Maybe your marriage will have a little more traction.

Officials in Verona, Italy, where Shakespeare‘s famous play was set, will soon be used for weddings. Daniele Polato, the rocket scientist city official who proposed the program, says, “Verona is known worldwide as the city of love. We have inherited this splendid reputation and we want to promote it.”

Seriously? Splendid reputation? Two teenagers, who barely knew each other married, shacked up and accidentally killed each other. Yep, that’s a horse I’m going to bet on.

Adding your wedding to this fine literary tradition can be as cheap as $770 (for residents of Verona) to $1,280 for people who aren’t EU citizens. City officials claim that the need for more documentation is the reason for the price differences. Weddings could start as early as next month.