New British airport to cost more than $100,000 a person

Airports aren’t cheap, but the new one coming in on St Helena redefines pricey. The British government is getting ready to shell out £300 million (around $460 million) for an airport on the little island in the South Atlantic Ocean. This translates to £75,000 (approximately $115,000) for each of the 4,000 people living there. Right now, you can only get to the island by a ship that needs to be replaced – which would cost £64 million, in addition to operating costs afterward.

According to International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, the UK has an “obligation” to this British Overseas Territory to build a new airport. In the long run, the country’s ministers believe that an airport would be a better budgetary move, even though the last Labour Government scrapped the notion.

Fortunately for the folks on St Helena, the rest of the UK’s taxpayers will be pitching in some cash.

[photo by a.drian via Flickr]