Up, Up and Away to Indianapolis’ New American Super Heroes Museum

By night, Dane Nash is a mild-mannered, retired, grandfather of two. By day, however, he assumes a secret identity, moving (almost) at the speed of light. Though he may not use his super powers to save lives, Nash does use them to build his dream: the American Super Heroes Museum.

Located in downtown Indianapolis — just three blocks from Circle Center — Nash is working feverishly to get the museum’s doors open this month. For those of you who have never visited Indy, many of the buildings are turn-of-the-century, and it appears as though Nash has found an old building — with hardwood floors, red carpet, 16-foot-high tin ceilings, and period-style lighting — that will lend the Museum the atmosphere it deserves.

Featuring 3300 square feet of showroom floor, the former insurance salesman’s Superman collection — which he’s spent most of his life assembling — will fill the bulk of the space, but there’ll still be plenty of room for his Batman stuff — from 1940s toys to replicas of the 1989 Batmobile and 1966 Batboat — and other memorabilia. Admission to the museum will be $5; children younger than 8 will be admitted free.

[Photo: fengschwing]