Photo of the Day (1.11.11)

There are few things in aviation that are more impressive than modern aerobatics. Take a minute to consider what’s happening in this picture: nine difference pilots controlling machines that can reach speeds of 800mph, all within just a few feet of eachother.

If you’ve heard of or seen the Blue Angels, then you may be familiar with their English counterparts; the Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows. Widely regarded as one of the best aerobatics teams in the world, the nine-man team has performed over 4,000 displays across 53 countries since their inception in 1965. Today’s Photo of the Day by Emerald2810 is an astounding shot of the Red Arrows in their trademark diamond formation, high above Epsom, Surrey in England.

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Airbus reveals super future fancyplane concept

Part of the fun in each year’s leading air shows comes in the showboating. Whether it’s the newest, best window technology from PPG, the sexiest landing gear from Goodrich or the quietest, most efficient jet engine from Pratt and Whitney, people love seeing new products and the way that our future might look.

And just like auto shows around the planet, where concept cars with futuristic designs are displayed in front of lush, velvet curtains, the airframe manufacturers of 2010 have concept planes. Instead of building a $50m prototype, however, Airbus and Boeing just use a healthy dose of computer graphics with a heaping spoonful of marketing on top.

This year’s concept fluff comes from the Farnborough Airshow where Airbus, Europe’s largest airframe manufacturer and fierce competitor to Boeing is showing of it’s latest aircraft of the future.

Chock full of engineering marvels such as a “U” shaped tail and a streamlined engine profile, Airbus says that the passenger airplane of the future will feature marvelous new materials, from transparency-shifting windows to comfy, form fitting seats. You can check out all of the details over at The Daily Mail.

Don’t plan on seeing this aircraft anytime soon though, this uber concept model could only be ready by 2030 or 2050 — and by then, we’ll probably all be flying around in our own personal jetcars instead.

Photo of the Day (6.16.09)

Today’s Photo of the Day is relevant for several reasons. The shot of the tarmac on the way to Paris was taken by Kent Wien, our resident pilot who is actually currently on layover in the middle of a BOS-CDG-BOS turn.

This week is also the week of the 45th Paris Air Show, the massive biannual event that brings thousands of suppliers, manufacturers and press to Le Bourget for updates on all of the new technology. It’s the biggest air show in the world, and both Kent and Grant will running around collecting data for Gadling. Stay tuned later this week for updates from the show.

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The Paris Air Show begins

The Paris Air Show begins today, in what promises to be a week full of excitement and events in Le Bourget, Paris. Along with the Dubai and Farnborough air shows, the Paris exposition is among the largest in the world, bringing in dislpays, press and tourists from all over the planet.

This isn’t your normal Kalamazoo airshow with the Blue Angels and a couple of helicopters, either. Scheduled only once every two years, the Paris Air Show brings all of the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers to the table, showing off their newest wares (787 interiors, A350 plans etc,) giving demonstration flights and wooing customers.

Highlights this year include the Russian made Sukhoi Superjet, Boeing’s 777-346ER and the fancy new Airbus 380 as well as a wide variety of historical aircraft including the Bleriot XI and the P51 Mustang. You can see an entire list of aircraft at the exposition website.

The best part is that Gadling is going to be on site documenting the air show this year, bringing you updates from the show and tons of pictures of the events and demonstrations. See an airplane in the list above that you want a better look at? Let us know and we’ll stop by and take some photos for you.

Stay tuned all week for updates from the Paris Air Show!

Photo of the Day (11.23.08)

There’s something intriguingly dreamlike about this photo from Flickr user Emerald2810. Is it the silhouetted biplanes? The luminous sky blanketed with clouds? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be laden with hidden symbolism and meaning. In some ways it reminds me of the work of early surrealist photographers like Man Ray.

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