MyChelle Dermaceuticals – A whole travel-sized skincare regimen!

Mychelle Dermaceuticals productsMychelle Dermaceuticals is a natural skincare and mineral makeup line with a full collection of travel-sized beauty products!

When you’re traveling is when your skin needs the rejuvenation of minerals and antioxidant rich natural products the most. Mychelle Dermaceuticals has entire skincare regimens in convenient travel packages for:

… each containing a host of goodies, including free samples and a plastic zipper bag for your TSA pleasure on sale for under $24.99 (click the above to see the sale prices).

I tried the Normal Skin regimen, and highly recommend the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. If you’re traveling somewhere hot and sunny, the SPF 28 Sun Shield Moisturizer is a perfect choice, as is the Perfect C Serum (a great topical treatment for sunburned skin). You could totally throw one of these All In Ones in your carry-on or suitcase with the intent to pamper yourself and rescue your travel-stressed skin at the hotel.

I also tried some of the Mychelle Dermaceuticals mineral makeup while I was at it — the Cream Foundation in Porcelain, Blush Stick in Peony (love this color), Eye Shimmer in Champagne, and Lip Gloss in Garnet.

Click through the gallery to see all the products up close and in person, and visit Mychelle Dermaceuticals to purchase from their seriously comprehensive travel beauty line!

Pretty Fly – Tiny travel beauty fixes

Annie Scott with the Pretty Fly products (out of the package)Pretty Fly makes a pack of single-serving beauty products you can use as the plane descends to wake yourself up and counteract some of the damage that flying can do to your skin and hair. The products are all natural, and created for a growing market: women travelers.

According to Pretty Fly, women travelers take almost 50% of the business trips in the U.S., and they also make 70% of travel decisions.

On their slim, no-problem-at-TSA package, no thicker than a magazine (see gallery for the front and side views), Pretty Fly has printed “S.O.S.” defined as “Single-servings Of Sanity.” I wasn’t sure how much a beauty product would make me more sane, but then I smelled the Refreshing Lemon Zest Lotion. Its citrusy-sweet, lively scent would totally open my eyes as the plane descended. And it’s even good for your hands, with everything from aloe to fatty acids listed in the ingredients. The other products have similarly beneficial natural extracts and scents. Each pack includes Renewing Orange Blossom Soap, Restoring Grapefruit Dry Shampoo, Replenishing Lime Lip Balm, and Refreshing Lemon Zest Lotion.

I tried out a Pretty Fly pack — “a natural high at 30,000 feet” — in the closest thing to an airplane I could think of: a small New York City apartment after a long day. Click through to see the products in action and how they fared, and visit to purchase a few packs for yourself or your stressed out coworkers!

Photo of the Day (5/9/09)

I’m not sure where these animals are. A zoo? The wild? Which country? Hector G. Lincz who took this shot, doesn’t say. But what a lovely way to capture an image and a mood. When I saw this photo, I was reminded of one of Karen’s techniques for self portraits. This is another way to use a side mirror. Along with the perfect framing, there’s a voyeristic quality I find intriguing. It’s hard to place the car or the viewer. Perhaps this is another way into Narnia?

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Photo of the Day (12-31-08)

I chose this picture as today’s Photo of the Day for a few reasons. One is because Jeremy Baumgartner took it at Fisherman’s Wharf at Monterey Harbor in California on New Year’s Eve, January 1, 2008. Featuring it today seems symmetrical. In a year that has had so many ups and downs, symmetry feels fitting and the photo exudes a stillness and calm.

With the hoopla around New Year’s Eve and the upset 2008 has brought, there’s a need for calm and the time to consider the stars. If you look above the warm, friendly glow of the sailboats, you’ll see Orion’s Belt. It’s one of the largest constellations and the one that everyone around the world can see. Part of the belt is the three close together vertical stars.

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Photo of the Day (4/09/08)

Besides the crocus and daffodils, the first flowers to burst forth in my neighborhood are the dogwood trees. They aren’t as fragrant as the magnolias in South Korea pictured here, but yesterday I could feel the sluggishness from the grey of winter disappear when I took in their beauty and promise. Sounds corny, but it’s true. My daughter who was riding with me burst out with “I love spring!,” and she is not prone to exclamations.

Thanks Lady Expat for such a glorious shot. For an up close view go to the Flickr page and scroll down. there you can really see the silky texture of the petals. Post your own beauties at Gadling’s group on Flickr.