Vote for your favorite airport design at Oobject

Having traveled extensively in the last few years, I’ve been given several opportunities to see some of the world’s best airports. I have fond memories of sitting on the ergonomic chairs at Paris‘s CDG E terminal, shopping at the gates in Barcelona and enjoying a beer under the vaulted ceiling of JFK. Mind you, I’ve also slept on the hard floors of Geneva, starved in Cairo and gone crazy in Newark, but those are the memories that we try to erase, right?

In tribute to the world’s great airports, Oobject put together a list of the top terminals by design for users to vote on. I say “terminals”, because not all are created equally in the same airport. I am reminded of the beautiful sections of Washington Reagen that 80% of passengers are privy to, while 20% of passengers like myself have to slum it down in the old terminal a half mile away.

Anyway, the top three so far are Seoul, Denver and Madrid, with the voting still in its early stages. If you haven’t been to all of the airports (who has?), take a good look at the architecture and cast your vote. Mine went for Paris, solely on account of terminal E. Right now, my pick has -41 votes.

Citysearch rates best restaurants and bars of 2007

The annual list of best restaurants and bars was posted by Citysearch a few hours ago, highlighting the new food and drink hotspots in the nation’s top cities.

So get your “Oh, I’ve already been there; I’m way over that” snide statements ready and check out the guides to

Or you can check out the bars on the Citysearch blog here. I did a cursory search through the New York and Chicago bars and restaurants and have to admit that I haven’t been to any of the 40 establishments. Nothing like a hipster best-of website to make you feel like a social invalid.

I’ll be playing dungeons and dragons in my parents basement if you need me.