Ex-Marine Kills Black Bear With Log: His “Bark” Is Worse Than His Bite

I spent my formative years in a sleepy little hamlet north of Atlanta known as the only city in America that required all city residents to own a handgun. We all felt safe, and nervous, and protected, and just a little bit skittish. It was nice.

An hour-or-so north of my well-armed town was an even tinier hamlet: Helen. Designed to resemble a Bavarian village (seriously!), Helen is a draw for shop-happy grannies (thanks to its novelty) and outdoorsy types (thanks to its remoteness).

Evidently, ex-Marine Chris Everheart (not a shop-happy granny) was camping near Helen with his three children when a 300-pound bear snuck into their campsite. When the bear lunged for Everheart’s six-year-old boy, the former military man “picked up a log and threw it at it. It happened to hit the bear in the head. I thought it just knocked it out but it actually ended up killing the bear.” Everhart was later cited for not storing his food properly.

No doubt Everheart’s boys are bragging to all their friends: “My daddy can beat up a black bear!” It’s cool now, kids, but wait’ll you try to sneak in after curfew and daddy’s eyes start gleaming…

[Via Get Outdoors]