Get free Boingo wireless access on the road this weekend

Got any travel plans for the Fourth of July weekend? Most people do. Want some free wireless internet? Most people would like that too.

Well, you’re in luck. Boingo, one of the nations largest pay-for-wireless providers, is running a promotion this weekend where you can get a free day pass on their ubiquitous network.

All that you have to do is sign up for their GoBoingo software that alerts you any time you’re within a Boingo signal and you’ll get a free day pass. Not a bad deal if you just want to check your email or Skype someone on the road and I suppose you can always get rid of the software once you’re finished with it.

Don’t get roped into one of the subscription plans if you don’t want to — Boingo has a habit of sucking you in. If you decide to go down that path through, it’s not a bad service. I hear that out resident pilot Kent Wein uses it all over the world successfully.

Check out the Boingo promo website for more details.

[Via Jen, at the LA Times Travel Blog. Have a good weekend!]