Mammoth Mountain debuts newest in ski area dining: snowcat food “trucks”

ski area diningThe national street food/truck/cart obsession is hitting the slopes. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that on December 18th, California’s Mammoth Mountain Ski Area will unleash North America’s only snowcat-mobile kitchen. Could this be the start of a new ski area dining trend?

Known as Roving Mammoth, the two “foodcats” are built from refurbished snowcats outfitted with small kitchens. They’ll roam the mountain from 9am to 2:30pm, offering ravenous skiers and boarders carbo-loading in the form of burritos, calzones, and churros, as well as cold, non-alcoholic beverages.

The up-to-the-moment location of the ‘cats can be found via a My Mammoth Twitter account (be sure to keep handwarmers in your gloves for faster burrito-seeking). Stops will include high-volume spots such as South Park, the top of Lift 14, and the bottom of Chair 9, but weather and events will also determine where the foodcats roam.

FYI, United and Horizon Air begin nonstop daily air service to Mammoth from the Bay Area on December 16th, via SFO and San Jose.

[Photo credit: Flickr user Telstar Logistics]

Cheap eats in London

English food is no longer mushy peas and baked beans on toast. Cities like London have become culinary capitals thanks to large numbers of immigrants saving the English from themselves. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Moroccan, Ethiopian, and many other types of restaurants offer every kind of dish imaginable. There’s only one problem–eating out in England is bloody expensive!

Now there may be a solution, for London at least. A service called EPok offers two-for-one meal deals at selected London restaurants. EPok, which rather tortuously stands for “Eating Places OK”, offers a special London Pack waiting for you at your hotel with vouchers for twenty or more restaurants offering two-for-one deals, plus another two-for-one deal for theatre tickets. At only 27 pounds, this could add up to some serious savings.

There are a few limitations, though. Drinks and service aren’t included, and they pick the show and restaurants.

Despite these limitations this sounds like it could be a pretty good deal, but if you haven’t been around London much here’s a word of warning. The city is filled with people who have more money than taste and who will fork over piles of cash for any old tripe given an exotic name and presented well. Check out your restaurant with a good website like TimeOut London before going. EPok has started its own review page too.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has used this service. It could be good if you don’t know the city well and are just passing through.