Photo Of The Day: Coca Cola Everywhere

Like the golden arches, the green-backed mermaid and the swooping “Just Do It” check, the red and white Coca Cola logo is that ubiquitous symbol of American capitalism that’s near impossible to escape abroad. Flickr user Kurt Schmidt captured today’s Photo of the Day on the Cvjetni Trg in Zagreb, Croatia, achieving the vintage effect with the help of Instagram. He must have read our recent editorial about whether the mobile editing application is bastardizing travel photography, because he apologized for using the filter: “just liked it!” he wrote in the description. But in this photo of such a classic icon, it works.

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A Few Mediterranean Sidewalk Cafés Can Make Travel Personal

MediterraneanIn popular cities of the Mediterranean, mobs of tourists come by bus, train, air and cruise ship. Looking to see famous destinations with their own eyes, perhaps fulfilling lifelong dreams, they clamber for the best view. During the summer, many visitors point and shoot only the top of iconic destinations to avoid photos that include the herd. But on a recent trip to the Mediterranean, we found some of the best shots at ground level while sitting in a sidewalk café.

The sidewalk cafés of Mediterranean cities are a great way to create lasting memories that may never be repeated again. Breaking away from the throngs of tourists visiting Dubrovnik in Croatia and Rome in Italy along with other must-see locations, time spent at local cafés was precious.

If we really want a good look at any of these places, we can Google just about any destination for uncluttered images of whatever we want to see without even going there. Get off a lucky shot during peak tourist season and that’s all the better.

Taking the time to sit and drink it all in at a sidewalk café has made for a more personal experience when traveling, an experience that photos can also capture.

Check this photo gallery that has many of the sidewalk cafés we enjoyed.


[Photos- Chris Owen]

Photo of the Day: Spring comes to Croatia

Around the world, signs of spring are starting to appear. You smell it in the soft scent of pollen. You feel it in the positive energy emanating from people who have spent the winter in hibernation. And you see it in the tiny flower buds sprouting everywhere you look. Flickr user Gordan Renic perfectly captured the first signs of spring in Zagreb, Croatia, with this Photo of the Day, aptly titled “a gentle takeover.”

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Photo of the Day: Highlight of the show

Photo of the day

This Photo of the Day, called Highlight of the Show, comes from Gadling Flickr Pool member mmusnjak. Captured using a Nikon D90, the photo is described as a “winter sunset near Zavižan hut in North Velebit, Croatia. The sunset was worth the three hour hike through the snow.”

North Velebit National Park is a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Croatia known for its geomorphological phenomena – the pits. There are more than 150 pits discovered, out of which the most famous is Luke’s pit, discovered in 1992.

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Photo of the day: Croatian winter sunset

croatian winter sunset

Wow. Wintertime is awesome, even if not every Croatian winter sunset can be quite as breathtaking as this one. Flickr user mmusnjak captured this sunset in Croatia’s Northern Velebit National Park in February. In his photo notes on Flickr he mentions casually that he hiked for three hours through snow to reach this point.

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