Daily deal – T-Mobile Cameo wireless digital photo frame for $39.99

My daily deal for today is pretty far from the average travel technology deal, but since almost every traveler carries a camera phone, I’ll explain why I think it is still a great deal for you.

The T-Mobile Cameo digital photo frame launched last year, at $99 and a monthly service charge of $9.99, it was one of those gadgets that I would have wanted to purchase, but just could not get over the $10 fee every month.

Yesterday, T-Mobile dropped the price on the Cameo to $39.99 for the frame, and just $1.99 a month for the service.

So, what can you do with this photo frame? You can sent photos to it from anywhere in the world! The frame operates on the nationwide T-Mobile network, and constantly waits for new incoming photos.

You can send photos using MMS (picture messaging) or through email. Each frame comes with its own mobile number, and sending a photo to it is as simple as attaching the photo in an email, and sending it to the dedicated email address assigned to the frame.

This is of course absolutely perfect if you are traveling the world and want to send daily photos to a loved one back home, or if you have a family member who can’t seem to operate anything more complicated than a coffee maker.
The device does not require any user interaction to receive the photos, they just show up when you send them. Thankfully there are some settings that allow you to restrict who can email the device, so there is no need to be worried about the family prankster sending porn to the frame.

In addition to the wireless portion of the frame, you can still add photos by connecting it to your computer, or by adding an SD memory card. The frame has a display resolution of 720×480 and has a built in light sensor for adjusting the brightness.

The Cameo frame can only be purchased at a local T-Mobile retail store (corporate owned), and since the $1.99 fee is actually for a new line, you will have to pass the T-Mobile credit check.

The good news is that the Cameo service does not require an activation fee or a contract, so you are free to cancel it after just 60 days. I’ve been playing with mine for a few hours, and it really is a fun way to send and view photos.

You can make the deal even better if you purchase the Cameo along with the new T-Mobile Samsung Memoir camera phone – when purchased on the same receipt, you are eligible for a $40 mail in rebate.

If you want to read a quick review of the device, check out this article by our friend Darren Murph over at Engadget.

Daily deal – Canon PowerShot SD770IS digital camera for $145

My daily deal for today is for the Canon PowerShot SD770IS. This compact 10 megapixel point and shoot camera features a 3x optical zoom lens, with image stabilization.

The SD770IS normally retails for just under $200, but Amazon has dropped the price significantly, down to just $144.95.

The SD770IS has an amazing array of features, from a built in red-eye removal tool to smile and motion detection.

The camera comes complete with USB and video cables, a rechargeable battery pack with AC charger and a 32MB memory card.

Given the insanely small size of the included memory card, you will want to be sure to order an additional card for the camera.

You’ll find the Canon PowerShot SD770IS at this low price on Amazon.com, and since the order is over $25, you’ll also get free shipping.

Daily deal – Kodak EasyShare C813 Pink digital camera for $82

Yes – it is that time of year again. Retailers suddenly have the urge to sell pink Valentines day gadgets. My daily deal for today takes advantage of the nice discounts on pink stuff.

The Kodak C813 EasyShare digital camera takes photos in 8.2 megapixels, and features a 3X optical zoom, 5X digital zoom and image stabilization.

The camera comes runs off regular AA batteries, but you’ll have to provide your own batteries if you want rechargeables. Included in the box is a wrist strap, USB cable, CD, manual and a set of Alkaline AA batteries.

You’ll find the camera on sale at Amazon, who’ll ship it to you for free. Of course, if you or your loved one are not big fans of pink, you can also buy it in silver – for $3 less!

No memory card is included, so be sure to order an SD memory card when you place your order!

Daily deal – Canon Powershot SD790IS digital camera for $120

My daily deal for today is for the Canon Powershot SD790IS. This compact digital camera shoots photos in 10 megapixels and features a 3x optical zoom with optical image stabilization.

The camera also offers the Canon motion detection and face detection system, which should help improve the quality of your photos by preventing “face blur”.

The SD790IS comes with a rechargeable battery pack, AC charger, USB and video cables as well as a puny 32MB memory card. If you plan to make more than 5 or 6 photos you’ll of course need to order an extra memory card.

The camera is on sale at Opticsplanet for $120, and they will even throw in free UPS shipping for you. If you like to do a little research before buying a new digital camera, check out this review at Steve’s Digicams. The camera still retails for over $175 at most online stores, so this deal really is quite “hot”.

Daily deal – Refurbished Canon Powershot A560 digital camera for $59

My daily deal for today is for a refurbished Canon A560 digital camera.

The A560 is a pretty highly rated Canon camera with a 7.1 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and a 2.5″ LCD display. The camera runs off regular AA batteries.

The camera has been refurbished, which means it was once returned to Canon, who took it apart, and returned it to its “as new” condition. Most of the refurbished products I’ve purchased in the past were indeed just like new, though most of them don’t come in the original box.

The A560 is on sale for just $59, making it one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a good quality camera, without breaking the bank.

Included in the box is the camera, a 16MB card, 2 AA batteries, a USB cable, a wrist strap and a CD/manual kit.

The camera is on sale at Adorama, and shipping is included in the purchase price.