Try out a new museum for free on Museum Day

If you’re staying close to home this month and you want to try something new, take advantage of Museum Day on Saturday, September 26th.

That’s right, admission is free! Hundreds of museums and cultural venues in the U.S. are participating, too–find one near you. The options include everything from the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson in Augusta, Georgia to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

To attend, you’ll need to register on Smithsonian Magazine’s website (don’t worry, it’s free) and print out the admission card that follows. The card is valid for you and a guest, and must be presented at the door.

Score Chicago deals and freebies with

Okay, the name induces a slight eye roll – I’m not broke and I’m certainly no hipster, I just love a bargain – but the premise behind one of Chicago’s best new websites is pretty awesome. BrokeHipster collects all the top upcoming deals, from happy-hour specials and dining discounts to promotional parties and boutique sales, and puts them all in one place.

On any given day some of the freebies and cheapies might include: a promo party with an hour of free cocktails, a free tequila tasting, free museum admission, $2 beers or $1 burgers. The deals are all around in Chicago, and especially in this slumping economy, every bar, restaurant and store is looking for more ways to pull in customers with enticing offers.

If you find a stellar deal, just remember that BrokeHipster doesn’t create the deals, it just eliminates the legwork for budget travelers and frugal locals by putting the information together. It’s always wise to check directly with the establishment to verify that the deal is offered. There’s no cure for the heartache caused by the $1 burger that wasn’t.

It pays to be young in Rome this August

To combat the travel lull Rome typically experiences in August, the city is offering some fantastic deals to lure travelers. The catch? You must be under 30 years old to get the special prices.

Head to any tourist office in Rome, show proof that you’re between 18 and 29 years old, pick up your free promo card and use it to get discounts all over the city. 32 restaurants are offering special menus that range from 5 to 25 Euros, with the average price being around 10 Euros for 2-3 courses. Common menus may include pizza or pasta and dessert or a drink. You’ll get deals on accommodations as well, with over 50 b&bs and 20 hotels offering significant discounts.

The card will get you a Roma Pass for 21 Euros instead of 23. The pass is good for 3 days and gets you free travel on city buses and the Underground, and covers admission to 2 museums (after that you can use it to get discounts to other attractions). You’ll also get 10% off at all city-owned museums and 5 Euros off the 20 Euro open-topped bus tour.

Check out the full list of participating establishments and deals available here.

[via Budget Travel]