Blue Planet Globe

During or gift guide
days, we mentioned several types of globes we thought y’all might be interested in. Fact is globes are very cool and
very useful. I have ALWAYS had some sort of map on my wall, where ever I’ve lived. I just like to have them there to
look at and plan/dream my next trip. Over at  they
posted about a very cool, though rather expensive new globe called the
Blue Planet Globe that shows the amount of light and
dark in the world at any given moment.

According to Luxist, the globe uses an astronomical formula provide
the exact location of sunlight down to six-minute intervals. And it is true and on the money right down to the day no
matter what season we’re in (remember that we have seasons because the earth is tilting?). Anyway, the globe ain’t
cheap. It runs about $1,200 and is available from The Science Source (even though this particular model isn’t on their