Dog’s-eye view of hiking Runyon Canyon

There are few joys of dog ownership greater than spending a day outdoors with your pet. Going for a long hike is a simple pleasure that, when shared with your four-legged best friend, becomes a special experience. However, anyone who has ever had a dog has wondered what his or her furry companion is thinking. While we’ll never know exactly what goes on in a dog’s mind, thanks to this clever videographer (and his handy GoPro camera), we can now see what Riley the corgi saw while hiking Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. Who knew hiking could be so adorable?

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Mountain biker vs. antelope in South Africa

Mountain biker Evan van der Spuy earned a new nickname this weekend and it already has a trending hashtag on Twitter (#BUCKNORRIS).

Van der Spuy, a Team Jeep South Africa rider, was competing in the Time Freight MTB Express at Albert Falls Dam. Out of nowhere a red hartebeest decided to cross paths with Van der Spuy and Travis Walker, who captured the whole thing on a mounted GoPro.

So, next time you plan on riding your bike through a game reserve be sure to watch out for crossing antelope. Evan, we’re glad that you’re ok and… that the buck stopped there.

Video of the Day – Paragliding over Spain

Want to film a catchy music video without a massive budget? Consider grabbing some of your most adventurous friends, getting them to do some outrageous outdoor activity, and then hire a talented editor to overlay some snazzy effects & motion graphics.

Madrid-based editor Jorgiatos recently posted this music video that was shot in and around Castejón De Sos, a town near the Spain-France border that’s well known amongst paragliders. It was shot with several GoPro Hero HD‘s, though the additional effects and titles make it look as if it was filmed with much more substantial equipment.

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Video of the Day – 3 days of adventure in Rio

Wherever you’re planning on traveling this summer, consider picking up and taking along a GoPro; it’s a small waterproof digital camera that takes great HD video, still photos, & timelapses – perfect for capturing playful moments on land, in the water, and everywhere in between.

Today’s Video of the Day is a fun look at one couple’s 3-day vacation to Rio de Janeiro. It was shot completely on a GoPro and uses a creative mix of still image sequences and video clips. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the creator shoots video for a living – but hopefully it will give you some inspiration to embark on and capture your own adventure this summer.

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Flip winter the bird with a great adventure travel contest!

The holidays are long past, you’re back at the daily grind, and the country has been dumped on with way to much snow. Admit it, you’re sick of winter already and could use an adventurous escape. Fortunately, I’ve got just what you need in the form of a travel contest that will let you flip the bird at winter.

Adventure travel company Sacred Rides has joined forces with GoPro Cameras, to send one lucky winner, and a companion, on a week long mountain biking holiday through Central or South America. The winner of the Flip Winter The Bird Contest gets to choose between Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, or Argentina as their destination, and then they’ll be off to explore the many great singletrack options that the country has to offer. The various options include mountain biking of course, but in Mexico the trip will also offer regular yoga workouts as well. In Guatemala, the riders will get a taste of Mayan culture, while a visit to Chile gives them a chance to surf the Pacific Coast. Argentina makes it a multi-sport adventure by adding whitewater rafting to the itinerary as well.

To enter the contest, simply go to this page and fill out the form. Those entering must be at least 18 years of age and entries are being accepted until the end of the day on February 11th.

Sacred Rides is a travel company that specializes in organizing mountain biking excursions across the globe. Besides offering rides at the destination in this contest, they also offer trips to Peru, Canada, Eastern Europe, and more. If you’re looking for a unique cycling adventure for your next vacation, perhaps a sacred ride might be in order.

[Photo credit: Andy Armstrong via WikiMedia]