Go back to a simpler day at Beaver Creek Resort Summer Camp

Once upon a time, you’d take off in the summer with a sleeping bag, a fishing pole and a pocket knife. Summer camp offered all the soft challenges you could imagine (such as stomaching awful food), but you always had a blast. No responsibilities weighed you down. Today, though, those days are gone. You worry about paying the mortgage, getting to work on time and keeping your kids entertained.

If only you could go back … if only for a little while.

Vail Beaver Creek Resort Properties has the answer: “Camp Not Exactly Roughing It.” Blend the excitement and freedom of summer camp from your childhood with cocktails and cuisine that is far from revolting, and you have the perfect adult getaway (especially if you get some mile-high action en route).

Oh, and you’ll stay in one of Beaver Creek’s resorts or condos instead of a dumpy cabin or (blech) tent.

This program runs from June 13 to September 7, 2009. So, be ready to do all the hiking your legs will handle. Play a little frisbee golf or learn to fly fish. You’ll also get two lift tickets up Beaver Creek mountain (enjoy the view) and breakfast for two ever day. Horseback riding, ziplining, bungee trampoline, mountain bike rentals and hot air balloon trips are also available. You can get in on this action for $262 a night, for a minimum of three nights.

16 Tourists injured in Luxor hot air balloon accident

Yesterday, a hot air balloon crashed in Luxor, the city of the pharaohs, in Egypt. Sixteen people were injured in the incident. For those of you with an axe to grind about cell phone towers, you just got some ammo. The hot air balloon hit a cell phone tower on the west bank of the Nile River, near Gourna village.

Identities of the injured haven’t been released yet, but we do know that they come from Canada, Denmark, England, France, South Korea and the United States. All were taken to a hospital in Luxor for treatment.

This event is not without precedent. A year ago, a similar situation led to the injury of seven tourists.

Music is Airborne at the Stratford Music Festival

If you’re planning on heading to Ontario this summer for the Stratford Music Festival, you’ll be treated to a unique performance that comes from the sky. The music festival is introducing what they call The Sky Orchestra, which consists of several hot air balloons, each with a speaker attached, that float through the sky over Stratford and delight the crowds with music and readings from A Midsummers Nights’ Dream.

The obvious benefit of this type of music performance is that you don’t have to crank your neck and sit on someone’s shoulders in order to see the stage, but the drawback is that you will have to get up early — the performance starts at the ghastly hour of 7am, presumably to lull festival-goers out of their slumber with the soothing sounds of the symphony.

The Sky Orchestra happens this Saturday, August 11th, in Stratford.

Thanks to Marilyn at Intelligent Traveler for the tip!

Photo of the Day (01/17/07)

Here is a happy hot-air balloon shot from weeglo taken while hanging around Switzerland not long ago. Balloon shots are some of my personal favorites as the activity has been high on my list to do for ages, but I’ve somehow managed to miss all opportunities. This year I’m hoping to find them and Switzerland doesn’t sound like a bad option. Thanks for the inspiration weeglo! All the rest of you go check out some of the others in the Gadling Flickr pool.