TSA fails again – assists illegal immigrants into the airport

Every time I think I’ll give the TSA a break, they manage to make it back into the news with something so stupid it makes me shiver.

This time, the TSA escorted 9 workers into a secure area at Orlando airport, and left them behind to do their work. The proper procedure is to escort the workers and stay with them for the duration of their work inside the terminal.

Working off a tip, the US border protection investigated the workers, and discovered that they were all illegal immigrants.

Six of the men will be deported immediately, two will be eligible for a hearing to decide whether they can stay here. The ninth immigrant was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet, has been deported twice and was busted for a DUI.

As usual, the TSA spin on the story is that this was not a security threat, as the workers went through the normal security checkpoint procedures, so of course, that makes everything A-OK in their eyes.

Homeland Security employing illegal immigrants – under the table, of course

Lorraine Henderson is our current poster-child for hypocrisy.

Henderson, the regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection and the director of the Port of Boston was stung by an undercover operation which revealed she repeatedly hired illegal immigrants to clean her home in Salem. The Law & Order -esque operation, complete with a maid wearing a wire, has resulted in her being charged with encouraging an illegal immigrant to remain in the country.

According to the eight page affidavit, Henderson employed a Brazilian housekeeper who she knew was in the country illegally — and also employed her friends when the housekeeper took leave to have a baby. Henderson even counseled her Brazilian housekeeper about how to avoid detection by law enforcement.

The housekeeper agreed to wear a wire after being approached by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Henderson, who is facing 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, has yet to enter a plea.

She also showed up to the courthouse in jeans and a gray sweatshirt. Sounds like somebody’s not even trying.

[via Boston.com]

Unique Tourism: Mock Illegal Border Crossings

Ever wanted a taste of life as an illegal immigrant? Try a nighttime hike in the Hñahñu Indians’ Parque EcoAlberto, guided by a man in black clothes and a ski mask.

“The idea here is to raise people’s consciousness about what immigrants go through,” according to tour guide Alfonso Martinez. But, while many of the guides at Parque EcoAlberto have indeed crossed the border, this park, 700 miles from the actual crossing, is tame in comparison. Mock Border Patrol give chase with sirens and lights, and the hikers are warned to hit the ground if they hear gunshots, but it’s all for show — the only real risk posed to the border-crossing tourist is a sprained ankle.

About 3,000 tourists have taken the hike since 2004, but what about you? Any interest in walking the path of an illegal immigrant?