Word for the Travel Wise (06/28/06)

The last time I hit you with a phrase from the Inukitut lang it was more than a mouth full and enough to scare any potential student away from ever attempting to spew out any sound related to this particular tongue. I myself tried shaking the crazy combination of vowels and consonants out from my mind, but only the brave and bold continue to go where many men choose not to and that place is one of communication beyond our own borders.

Today’s word is an Inuktitut word used in Canada:

malikkit – follow them

Inuktitut words as noted from this Nunavut.com site are more “like Lego blocks, intricate pieces locked together to produce a nugget of meaning.Wiki breaks things down further with in depth info on territories where the language is heard in Canada, differences between Inukitut and the Inuit heard in Greendland and Alaska and includes pictures of the alphabet. Learning this one on the web will be tough, but for those who wish to tackle such linguistic feats check out the links above and some of these last few: Nunavut Living Dictionary, Inkutitut Syllabarium, the Inukitut Morphology List which holds the key to one of the best online dictionaries for getting started.

Past Inukitut words: quviasuktunga tamaaniinnama