EasySign lets you sign and send documents on your iPhone or iPad

We’ll file this one under “why didn’t I think of that” — EasySign is an iOS app that allows you to import, edit, sign and send documents right on your device, without the need for a printer, scanner or fax. The app was released earlier this year, but today the developers announced an iPad native version.

Using EasySign is ridiculously simply — you sign up, and instantly get three free document credits. Your signature can be drawn on your screen or imported using the camera in your device.

Once your personal information is submitted, you can email documents to the EasySign service, and they’ll instantly be available in the app. EasySign supports PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even HTML and image file formats. In my own test, I was able to open a document, sign it, add some personal information (name and date) and send it, all in under 30 seconds. Considering simple tasks like this often take 30 minutes on the road, it is very easy to justify the minimal investment.

Best of all, document credits can be purchased directly inside the app, and use the in-app billing system. Document signing bundles start at $0.99 for 3, or just $14.99 for unlimited documents. If you know in advance that you’ll be signing a lot of stuff, it’ll make sense to immediately go for the $14.99 option. The app itself is free (along with your first three documents) and can be found on your iOS device or through this iTunes link.


Ri turns your iPhone into a hotel room remote control

It doesn’t matter how upscale your hotel is – the remote for your in-room TV is almost always a filthy non-responsive piece of junk. Research back in 2009 uncovered that most remotes are covered in sperm and urine – which is why I’ve traveled with a universal remote control for several years.

One new alternative may convince you to carry your own remote as well – assuming you travel with an iOS device. The Ri remote dongle plugs into your headphone jack, and when combined with its free app, turns your device into a fully functional remote control.

The software has a database of hundreds of devices, which means you’ll only need to do a quick setup of the hotel TV, and be able to leave the room remote alone.

Ri retails for $29.99 and is available directly from its developer.

More SXSW goodies: Free Lonely Planet Austin Guide for your iPhone

If you are heading to Austin for SXSW, you already know that you’ll be getting free Gogo Inflight Internet access on Alaska, American and Delta. And now Lonely Planet throws in another freebie.

The good folks at Lonely Planet have a very pleasant habit of lowering the prices of their excellent guides to celebrate events. Today, they follow that tradition by launching their new Austin guide – for free.

The app covers things to do, where to eat, , where to shop, neighborhood basics and more.

Since SXSW is a real strain on mobile networks, you’ll be happy to know that the app includes offline maps.

It is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can be downloaded from the App store. The promotion started this morning and lasts till March 15 at 5PM PST, after it ends, the guide will go back up to its usual price ($5.99).