jetBlue to bring back “All-You-Can-Jet” pass?

This year, airline jetBlue allowed a few lucky people to take “frequent flying” to the next level. The carrier offered an “All-You-Can-Jet” pass for 30 days (September 8 to October 8) for one low price of $599. While the pass may not have been the best deal for the occasional flyer, it would have saved anyone with multiple longer flights some serious cash.

A few folks went beyond flying to business meetings or off to visit the in-laws though, and decided to see just how much they could fly in one month. According to Jaunted, these super-jetters were invited to the jetBlue corporate retreat on Wednesday, to talk about their experiences using the pass. There, jetBlue execs apparently promised that they would be bringing back the pass next year.

Could it be? Nothing has been confirmed and no dates have been released yet, but I’ll agree with Jaunted that fall seems a likely time to run the promo again. So clear your calendars, start wishlisting locations, and cross your fingers that the news is true.


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Enter to win jetBlue’s Jet and Drive Giveaway

I love a good travel contest, especially one that requires little effort to enter. So I’m excited about the jetBlue and Hertz Jet & Drive Giveaway, which runs now through through January 31, 2010. To enter, all you need to do is surf on over to the website, complete your free registration and then enter your email address. Easy, peasy.

For that minimal effort, you could win some pretty cool prizes, depending on the number of entries for the day. Yes, that’s right – the prizes will vary according to how many people have entered for the day, and you can enter every single day of the contest. If 2,500 people or less enter on a given day, the winner gets a $100 Hertz rental card. With 2,500 or more entries, the card’s value goes up to $250. But if 5,000 people enter, the lucky winner gets a $500 jetBlue gift card!

There will also be up to five grand prizes given away, one each time the total number of contest entries reaches another 50,000 milestone. The grand prize includes airfare to one of five destinations, Hertz rental car, and accommodations at a designated Starwood or Marriott hotel for two people. Destinations include New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando and Aruba.

Travelers put JetBlue all-you-can-fly deal to the test

When JetBlue announced its All-You-Can-Jet Pass in August, many frequent flyers scrambled to purchase one before the airline pulled the plug on the popular promotion. Those who didn’t have much flying planned let the deal pass them by. And others decided to view the offer as a challenge – a reason to fly as much as they possibly could over the course of the month for which the Pass was valid.

Two of those travelers are Clark Dever and Joe Dinardo, who will take 49 flights in the 31 days between September 8 and October 8. They’ll visit 29 cities – spending 12 hours each in city – sleeping on planes, showering at the gym, and relying on friends to meet them in New York with fresh clothes every few days. They’ll also be blogging about their adventures at Twelve Hours in a City.

Jennifer Milano also took advantage of the Pass, and created a website to help other All-You-Can-Jetters connect, share their stories, and help each other out with places to stay and travel advice. Another traveler, Greg Krause, is using his Pass to help raise money for a charity. He’ll be visiting 24 cities and collecting money for a school in Zambia that his parents created. The money will be used to fund the purchase of a vehicle that will bring supplies to the school. Krause is documenting his travels and accepting donations on his website, 30 Days on JetBlue

If you weren’t able to drop everything to see how much you can fly in 31 days, at least you can follow along with the adventures of these non-stop flyers as they push the limits of the All-You-Can-Jet offer.

[via CNN]

JetBlue, United jump on Twitter for cheap tix

JetBlue and United Airlines are pushing the first taste of cheap fares out on Twitter. They hope to use what USA Today calls the “uber-trendy form of messaging” to push seats on flights that may have vacant seats prior to wheels-up. After deals appear, they don’t always stick around long. JetBlue’s first “Cheep” (a variation on “tweet”) offered a $9 one-way fare from JFK to Nantucket. The model that’s emerging puts JetBlue’s fare tweets out on Monday mornings and offers around eight hours to act on them.

United Airlines has had its “twares” in action since May, and the element of surprise is a factor. The discounts can be released without warning, and there’s no discernable schedule. The deals can live for as little as two hours, forcing Twitter-using travelers to act fast.

Scared of losing your job? JetBlue extends their “Promise Program” till the end of the year.

We covered the JetBlue “promise program” back in February, and since the economy is only slowly starting to show signs of recovery, the airline just announced that they’ll extend their promotion till the end of the year.

Essentially, the Promise Program means anyone who loses their job before taking their trip will get a full refund of their fare. The promise applies to regular JetBlue airfare as well as JetBlue Gateway vacations.

Of course, the airline will need some proof that you really did lose your job, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on some of the fine print involved. Sadly, the deal only means you can cancel the trip and get your money back, not take the trip and get your money. Still, it is probably better to get that cash back and plan a staycation, than take a trip you know you will no longer be able to afford.

All the details of the JetBlue Promise Program, including the required forms to cancel your trip, can be found at their promotion web site.

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