Crazy man with wires and batteries shuts down LaGuardia airport terminal

Early this morning, a man approached the airport security checkpoint at LaGuardia, and 10 minutes later the central terminal was shut down to passengers and all air traffic.

What happened in those 10 minutes is not entirely clear, but initial reports claim the man was “acting really crazy” and had some wires and batteries in his bag. I’ll go out on a limb here and assume the guy was indeed crazy, and had something in his bag that looked like bomb parts.

As soon as the “bomb” was detected, the evacuation started.

Flights heading to LaGuardia were diverted, and as of right now (9:30am), the airport is still under a ground stop, though passengers are being allowed back into the terminal buildings.

Many flights in and out of the airport are delayed by up to 3 hours, so if you are heading to LGA today, keep an eye on any announcements or flight status notifications from your airline.

New York to gas 2,000 geese to prevent another Hudson river incident

Ah geese… They look so peaceful making their way through your local pond or river, but we all know what can happen when they decide to fly to a different pond or river.

After the bird strike of January 15th (really? That long ago?), there has been growing pressure to do something about the large number of Canada Geese around the local airports.

The solution is pretty macabre – authorities will gas them. The extermination will begin in about a week, during the period when the geese shed their feathers preventing them from flying.

A total of 2000 geese are expected to be removed from a 5 mile radius around LaGuardia and Kennedy.

It make me shiver, but then again, so does the thought of sucking a flock of geese into the engine of my plane.

Woody Harrelson chases zombies through La Guardia – breaks zombie camera

Woody Harrelson flew into New York La Guardia airport, and was “greeted” by a photographer from AOL sister site

Now, normally when celebs meet face to face with the paparazzi, they put on a smile, let them take a couple of photos, and get into their car.

There are of course celebrities that don’t like being photographed, so they take it out on the poor cameraman. In Woody Harrelson’s case, he didn’t see a cameraman, he saw a Zombie.

And apparently, the normal thing to do when you see a zombie is punch it in the face and smash its camera.

Of course, at that point the photographer/zombie didn’t give up like most people would, so he chased Harrelson outside the terminal building, to the parking lot.

You can’t make this stuff up – Harrelson really claimed he mistook the guy for a frikkin zombie.

According to Woody Harrelson, he is currently shooting a movie called Zombieland, and he was “still very much in character”.

I swear, if that excuse gets him out of trouble, I’m going to start using next time I get harassed by airport security.

A video of the “kerfuffle” can be found on, to make matters worse for Harrelson, this is not the first time the actor has been involved in an assault of a photographer, another photographer has a $2.5 Million lawsuit pending for an alleged attack in 2006.

March “lion” slams east coast

From New Hampshire to the Carolinas, March came in, as the saying goes, like a lion. Snow, sleet and wind gusts reaching 30 mph have lead to for motor vehicle deaths, school closings and chaos at airports.

More than 900 flights have been canceled at New York area airports (JFK, Newark and LaGuardia). Hundreds more at Logan International Airport in Boston never left the ground, where the airport closed for more than half an hour to clear a runway. In Philadelphia, more than 40 people were stranded overnight.

Even the bus operators got into the delay and cancellation game. Greyhound and Peter Pan scrapped trips into and out of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

So, get comfortable. It’s going to take a while to sort this mess out.

Improve your chances of getting a cab

Sometimes, it’s easy to catch a cab. Three or four pass by, and all you have to do is get the attention of one of them. Contrast that, however, with a rainy day in Manhattan at 5:30 PM. You and the rest of the world want 35 blocks of yellow car bliss, and most will be disappointed. Fortunately, there are now a few ways you can take control of your transportational fate.

I remember taking the train from New York to Boston a few years ago. A blizzard brought LaGuardia to a standstill, and I had no other choices. I realized about an hour from South Station that the entire train would be hunting taxis desperately in a city not known for swarms of them clogging the streets. So, I called a taxi company from my neighborhood (East Boston, at the time) and gave the simple instruction: “Don’t let anyone in unless they give my name.” The driver understood … and promptly let the word out that there was an insane amount of business.

Without that call, I’d still be waiting for a ride from Southie to Eastie.

Of course, that’s an extreme case. Everyday life provides enough challenges. Hailing a taxi on the street is the baseline, though some cities use taxi stands instead. If you’re out in the ‘burbs, reach out and touch some one. Calling for a taxi not only adds a bit of predictability, it lets the driver know a bit about you. Details such as home or work address and phone number can come in handy if a fare turns into trouble.

Instead of using the phone to talk, you could take advantage of new technology (such as Taxi Magic for the iPhone). Tap the screen a few times, and you can book your next ride. Taxi Magic is available in 25 cities in the United States. Sadly, though, New York is not among them.

In any city, iPhone or not, bad weather or periods of high demand could leave you frustrated – and stranded. The temptation to take a ride from a “bandit” (i.e., an unlicensed cab) can be pretty high. After all, you just want to get from A to B. Fight the urge! These rides are illegal … and for good reason. Unlike licensed taxi drivers, bandits aren’t checked for criminal histories and drug use. The cars aren’t inspected, and they may not even be insured. Roll the dice if you like, but understand that the stakes are high. All you get for winning is a trip home.

[Via CNN, photo by Brian Sayler]