Honey, Are You Sure We Packed The Lizard?

I travel pretty light so packing up after staying in a new hotel room is usually a straightforward matter, although my wife Carol still struggles with my uncanny knack of locking our pack keys IN the pack. Maybe if I did travel with more luggage, I’d be as absent minded as some other travellers uncovered by the travel search engine www.kayak.com.

A recent survey unearthed some surprising items that travellers have been lucky (ahem…) enough to find in their hotel room when they checked in. Dr Dolittle would have been impressed with a range of critters from tarantula spiders to foot-long lizards and racoons – even a hotel security guard having a light afternoon sleep.

Strange discoveries have included a male wig, a bathtub full of beer (hooray!), and a prosthetic leg. Unfortunately a dead body was also included in the tally, but at least there were no horses’ heads – even in New Jersey.

Thanks to Captain Solo on Flickr for the picture of a racoon enjoying takeout.