It’s a band. On a motorcycle. In Russia

We all knew that Russia is the place for opulent indulgence and incredible feats, but this video might take the cake. Youtube user tigfinger posted this amazing video of an entire band playing in a motorcycle and sidecar speeding down the Russian highway, happily playing along as if nothing were amiss.

The story gets even more interesting when you translate the title of the video, Бременские музыканты. Наши дни into English: Town Musicians of Bremen: Today. It turns out, the Town Musicians of Bremen is a folktale from the Brothers Grimm in which four traveling musicians set out on a long journey to Bremen only to never make it to their destination.

How that applies to this group one can only guess — but it’s a great storyline for this video.

Video of the Day – Through the Alps

The Alps. Stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France in the west, it is one of the greatest mountain ranges in Europe and arguably the greatest range to navigate by car (or motorcycle) in the world.

Today’s Video of the Day captures one man’s motorcycle trip through Austria, Italy, Switzerland, & France along routes such as the Stelvio, the Silvretta, and the Grossglockner; all of which are extremely impressive feats of construction & maintenance. While there isn’t any description or storytelling, it’s a great way to experience the sights and sounds of the Alps.

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Video of the Day: Motorcycle tricks & rickshaw crash

Readers, we need your help. No information is listed with this video. Where do you think it’s from? What language are they speaking? Why did that rickshaw driver decide to crash into that fence? OK, that probably wasn’t a choice. Still, we have so many questions about this video and we’re hoping that you can help us fill in the gaps.

Any guesses as to the location or language? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile, we have a feeling it’s going to take more than 15 minutes to get our next rickshaw insured.

Photo of the day: open road in Texas

There are plenty of motorcyclists in Texas and there’s also plenty of open road. Texas: where summer never really fully ends. I haven’t ever driven a motorcycle myself, but I have spent hours upon hours hitching rides as a motorcycle passenger–it’s fun. But not only is it fun, it’s also so… summer.

Whether you’re navigating roads this summer on a bike, by car, or on foot, there is something distinctly comforting about the view shown in this shot. The open road is one of the first images that comes to my mind when I think of travel and photographer Dani Way caught this open road image with beautiful accuracy.

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Photo of the Day (02.20.10)

Carpooling is a great way to get to know your coworkers, save money and help the environment. A common concern amongst people who ride-share is that they hate being cramped in the car. Sure, the lack of legroom and sheer number of elbows poking your torso can make for an aggravating commute. But the next time you want to gripe about how uncomfortable your ride to work is, consider this Indian quartet that was immortalized by Flickr user jrodmanjr. Still think it’s rough packing into Steve from Accounting’s Mini Cooper? By no means are these four intrepid cyclists unique. During my time in India, I saw countless iterations of creative motorcycle mounting. Each time I was floored by the bravery of these seemingly calm (and always helmet-less) commuters.

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