Helicopter Safari Africa

Just like Neil’s Machu Picchu piece some folks might debate doing the whole African safari thing by helicopter, but I’m totally a fan of helicopter sightseeing. For one, my last trip to Hawai’i had me foaming at the mouth to shoot more aerial photography of the places we so often see from one perspective. Now am I suggesting going out to see the Big 5 by helicopter only – of course not. This type of deal found at Distinctive Africa is for luxury travel folk who want the comforts of a tailored-made helicopter and I can promise you I don’t fall into that category of travelers, but if I had the dinero I’d do it by jeep and air.

Distinctive Africa operates out of southern Africa in Botswana, Namibia, South African and southern Mozambique. Worth a look if you’re planning your next safari in the continent.

Mozambique Gallery

The folks at National Geographic Adventure want to alert you to the next great place to go in Africa. It is, they say, the country of Mozambique. And if you had any doubts as to the veracity of this claim, they provide a gorgeous photo gallery to help you understand.

From cerulean seas to shots of wildlife and even some aerials, it is, I contest, worth a few clicks

Africa Travel: Mozambique

In all the blurbs I’ve done on Africa from the start of Feb until now I don’t think I’ve covered any potential destinations for the surfer or perhaps I’ve overlooked them, but today I’d like to point to Mozambique for your next surfari. Judging from the comments on several surf forums Mozambique seems be pretty kick-arse when it comes to the beaches, but more so the barreling waves. Quicksilver offers some pretty cool packaged tours for those interested in South African surf destinations like Mozambique. To be more exact the country is located in south eastern Africa bordering the Mozambique Channel, between South Africa and Tanzania with notable surf spots in Tofu, Maputo and Inhambane to name a few. Look out for the variety of shark also found in the waters off the country’s coast. For additional resources on surfing Moz check out these links below.

Check Out Mozambique

If you read the news on a daily basis, you might be led to think that Africa is a place in utter ruin. A place riven by civil strife, hunger and misery. While that is true, there are some spots on the continent where things are not so bad, where you can travel and enjoy the sites of Africa as a tourist.

Among the countries where you might consider, the New York Times names Mozambique, calling it one of Africa’s most alluring destinations. With over 1,500 miles of lovely Indian Ocean coastline, it is one of THE countries in Africa to visit with a vivid and lively culture that is a curious melange of African and Portuguese. Read the article and give it some thought.

Never Be Complete

This post marks the first installment of a new regular series at Gadling that will spotlight one “engaged traveler” each week. Engaged travelers can be defined in many ways, but I’ve chosen to focus on those that are giving back – let’s call it “philanthropy on the road”. I’m active in the fundraising field, so I find myself paying particular attention to what motivates travelers to give. The reasons are endless and the examples are everywhere. I read A LOT of travel blogs and am simply amazed by the outpouring and generosity I see. So, let’s get inspired…

First up is Dan Demole of Never Be Complete. I’ve been reading Dan’s blog since February. He has written wonderfully detailed reports as he’s moved from Costa Rica to Europe to Africa, where he is now. I donated $10 to his site for upkeep back in March, because it takes considerable time and money to provide the level of detail he does, and I think his site is one of the most impressive out there. (His flash intro must not be missed!)

Well, last week Dan had the bus ride from hell. But then, just a few days later, he had a truly unforgettable experience at an orphanage/school in Mozambique that cares for 55 kids whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. Because of this, he decided to act, and is no longer accepting donations for himself on the site. Instead, Dan is asking for support for the orphanage, which can be directly transferred to the organization through his website. Dan has continued on his journey and is currently in Zimbabwe, but he has been hard at work setting up the support page on his site and getting the word out about this incredible group of children he encountered. If you want to help, check out Dan’s story and consider making a donation. (Also, for anyone planning a RTW trip, his site is an excellent resource, with detailed budget and pre-trip info.)