Photo of the Day (4.4.2010)

For all the great things happening in Flickr user leahgoodman’s photo, it’s the colors that first catch your eye. The faint sky blue of the rickety rowboat pairs nicely with the flowing cloak of the mysterious figure sitting on the riverbank, tying the objects together in a kind of visual interplay. Does this unknown person own the boat? What are they thinking about? Like the very best photos, it’s a series of questions left to the viewer to decide.

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Photo of the Day (10-28-09)

I wonder if when this house was first built near Brockville, Ontario Canada, the owners realized that their home would be photographed one day as a perfect version of a haunted house. That’s exactly what Bryson Gilbert did when he snapped this photo earlier this year. With Halloween coming up this weekend, Gilbert’s photo seemed fitting. The black and white treatment and the ominous clouds add to the eeriness. Would you want to be here after dark? What lurks behind those shuttered windows?

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Photo of the Day (1-28-09)

Macbeth’s woods where the witches toil? No, flicts captured a shot of these woods in Portugal. The hues and shadows are wonderfully alluring–ink black and almost neon blue. What is out there? What is out there? Shhhhhh. Listen.

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American women found with $471,000 dollars at airport in Jamaica

When the officials at the airport in Jamaica found $471,000 on two American women a couple days ago, they took it. See, you’re only allowed to have $10,000 which I would think is ample enough for a rip roaring good time in Jamaica.

So far, according to this AP article, there’s no news on exactly why the women had so much cash. I’m wondering if they cashed out their mutual funds while they had any money left and were hoping to get their hands on some beachfront property. I’ve certainly thought about where I might live in my golden years if the economy continues to head south. Of course, with the money I’ve squirreled away, I might be looking at a shack made of driftwood.

I’m also curious about how much room the money took up in a carry-on? Was the space bigger than the banana plants that were found in the woman’s underwear at the airport in New Zealand a little while back? Also, were they allowed to keep $10,000 each? I doubt that–at least not yet. If not, what are they doing for money in the meantime? Maybe they’re gathering driftwood for a cozy shack.

I bet they’re kicking themselves for whatever they did that got themselves caught.