Impromptu striptease on Delta flight ends in hospitalization

stripping on Delta flight to New YorkIt’s always wild when passengers do crazy stuff on flights, but the trend has taken a new twist: the media always seems to be present. A CNN photographer was on hand to find bullets left behind by a law enforcement officer, and now a news manager from Newsday was present to witness a passenger stripping.

On Delta Flight 6562 over the weekend the woman, who hasn’t been named, peeled off layers until she reached a state only the TSA could appreciate, as flight attendants tried in vain to cover her up. According to the Associated Press, she yelled, “No! No! No!”

The woman was said not to have interfered with the flight and was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens when the flight landed. She isn’t expected to face criminal charges. There’s no word on whether she left the flight with a thong full of singles.

There is a silver lining in all this. Not too long ago, Delta was proclaimed the worst airline in the United States. With perks like this, I expect that perception to change.

[photo by Steve Zak Photography]

The Miss TSA Pinup Calendar – *UPDATED*

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar
Check out Miss March! Email lists across the world are tittering at the Miss TSA Pinup Calendar. We aren’t sure where these came from, but they do appear to be real x-rays (says a medical expert friend of mine), and were probably done by a radiologist — that’s why they’d be hitting the medical community first. My medical expert friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) is the one who forwarded me the images.

After some quick research online, the earliest posting of the images I can find is on, but the site was apparently hacked shortly afterward and has since been taken down (here’s the cached page). Still, there’s nothing on the page which indicates that they created or own these images, either. Nobody knows where they came from!***

With that in mind, if you are the owner of these images and would like them taken down or would like to receive credit, please contact me at ask-at-gadling-dot-com immediately! And also: WELL DONE. This is a hilarious parody of the TSA x-ray capabilities, and plays on our fears about the invasiveness of TSA’s latest “security” procedure (substantiated by reports such as Body scanners used as porn by airport security and 100 controversial whole body imaging photos revealed) in a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud-at-the-grinning-skulls coup.

If this were a real calendar, we’d be first in line to buy a ton to send out as holiday gifts for travelers.

Thanks to our resourceful readers, we have learned that these images were created by a German agency for a Japanese computer display company called EIZO, that they are actually just really good CGI and have nothing to do with the TSA.
The calendars are available for purchase on eBay for £69.69 (about $108.32). A special thanks goes out to whoever took this old story and started emailing it around as “TSA Pinups.” You definitely gave us all a good laugh!

Here are the rest. Enjoy!

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss January

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss February

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss March

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss April

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss May

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss June

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss July

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss August

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss September

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss October

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss November

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Miss December

Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

Photo source unknown.

England’s naked roller coaster

Only in England, right? The Green Scream (above) at Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, took an unexpected turn last week: a naked one.

In a stunt to raise money for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Bosom Pals Appeal, BBC News reports that 102 people showed up at Adventure Island ready to bare all and ride the Green Scream. The dabbling nudists, most of whom have been affected by cancer in some way, came from all over the UK to help the organization purchase new mammography machines and other additions to their breast care unit. The coaster had to go commando three times to accommodate all the naked Brits. Over £22,000 was raised.

“Takes of lot of nerve to take off all your clothes” said Barbara Warner of Bosom Pals, adding that she “would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was brave enough to bare all and raise such a huge amount of cash — more than £22,000 — for our vitally important cause.”

We get why they took their tops off (breast cancer), but why the bottoms? Let’s all hope everyone carefully wiped the seat with a wet nap or something before sitting down — and after! People riding the coaster an hour later might have had no idea what just happened there. This all sounds like a good reason to travel with hand sanitizer to me.

[via BBC News]

Top five tips for newbies visiting nude beaches

Are you planning to go “clothing optional” for the first time? From what I understand, you can have a lot of fun, but there are rules to be followed. Failing to do so can lead to an awkward situation or worse. Most of this is common sense, of course, which is probably why it’s worth mentioning. You can have fun without coming across as a disgusting nut job. I found a list of suggestions for first-time visitors to nude beaches over on Fox News and pulled the top five for you, below:

1. Wear protection: you’ll have much more of your body exposed to the sun than usual, so bring and apply sunscreen – lots of it. Could you imagine getting a sunburn on your… exactly. Test out sunscreen on areas where you may not be accustomed t wearing it, because your body may have an unexpected (and unpleasant) reaction.

2. Expect to be a hottie: if you think you’re going to find tight bodies pulled into provocative positions all over the beach, prepare yourself for some disappointment. You may get lucky and run into something sweet, but much will sag and drag.

And speaking of getting lucky … 3. Forget about sex: to feel comfortable on a nude beach, it seems, you need to be ready to take sex out of the equation. This isn’t the case at some beaches, however, which specialize in fostering carnality. But, be ready for bodies ready to be put to work. Look at (2) above, and prepare for the tables to be turned. Do a little jogging before hitting one of these destinations.

4. Leave your camera at home: even if you think you’re the next Larry Flynt, you should leave your inner shutterbug behind for a day. Photography and video are highly inappropriate. So is staring, in case you couldn’t figure that out on your own. Would you want anyone to do this for you? Wait … don’t answer that (except maybe in the comments below).

5. Take a towel: there are some places where you’ll need to cover up. Dining areas, bathrooms and entering and exiting the beach typically call for modesty, however much you may loathe it. Don’t do it for you – do it for everyone else.

[photo by ilovememphis via Flickr]

Las Vegas invites you to get naked

Are you bold enough?

Unlike topless destinations around the world, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino attracts hotties willing to drop their tops and accept fewer tan lines. This stand in stark contrast to most topless beaches, where there’s a distinct lack of legitimate eye candy. The recent “Rehab” party, for example, offered up plenty of skin and is indicative of a new pool party trend in Las Vegas. The 21+ crowd is in the crosshairs of many hotels and resorts, and they are luring us with the oldest bait in the book.

“Daylife,” sunlight’s answer to “nightlife,” is the product Vegas is peddling. Adult pools and pool parties – complete with bottle service and the hardly dressed to deliver it – are bringing in big bucks, big names and big … well, I’ll let you guess. Celebrity hosts, such as Heidi Montag of “The Hills,” help make the pitch to bring you in the door (sans inhibitions).

And now for the disappointing news … it’s not as crazy as you’d expect (or hope). There still aren’t many topless pools in Las Vegas. Those that exist are generally reserved for guests, attract an older crowd and don’t require that the ladies go topless (most of them don’t). The big parties are a different story, where the odds of naked mayhem are much higher.