Where is America’s most on-time airport?

Flight delays, baggage complications and tight seating; flying isn’t really on anyone”s list of favorites anymore. But because the state of airline and airport affairs is so mediocre, whenever you have a good experience there is a sense of elation; “My plane landed on time?!?!? Great!” That feeling is a whole lot better than knowing that you’ll be flying into one of the world’s most delayed airports.

If you want to plan your flying schedules around the airports that are known for getting their jets in and out in a timely fashion — so you can actually stick to your travel schedule — where should you go? MSNBC posted an article today with America’s top 15 most on-time airports. Here are the top five with their percentage of on time flights:

  1. Honolulu International, 84.3%
  2. Kahului, 84.2%
  3. Portland International, 81.8%
  4. Salt Lake City International, 81.1%
  5. Albuquerque International, 81%

Check out the other ten here and then book accordingly.

Thanks Emma!