Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Back in 2007, Willy wrote about the luxurious Rajasthan Palace on Wheels, which takes passengers on a 7 day tour of India on an upscale train.

Another Indian tour company took that concept, added far more luxury, and named it Royal Rajasthan on Wheels“.

You really have to see the photo gallery to get a feeling of the experience offered on this train, it makes the famous Orient Express look like a Holiday Inn Express.

Of course, with more luxury, comes higher prices – the train Willy wrote about cost about $2000 for an 8 day trip, the new Royal palace on wheels costs between $800 and $2000 per night! That price does include all meals and sightseeing tours, but if you need a cheaper option, check out this article about the Indian Heritage on Wheels posted by Abha earlier this year.

Photo of the Day (4/30/08)

This shot taken in Jaisalmer, India by arunchs looks like one of those scenes that might have looked the same 100 years ago–except for the sneakers. Also, notice the exquisite embroidered cloth underneath the saddle on the camel. There is a blue ruffle border to jazz it up. The embroidered household items sold in Rajasthan, where Jaisalmer is located, make shopping here sheer pleasure.

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Photo of the Day (3/19/08)

The colors in Rajasthan, one of the states in India are gorgeous–a real color feast. This pink is a vibrant example of a part of the world where every glimpse offers a surprise. What I like about this photo is the vague qualities about everything in the shot except the person’s outfit. The wheres are unclear. The who is this person is unknown, but how lovely. Arunch, the person who snapped this, doesn’t leave too many clues, but one tag says Jaipur. I love Jaipur.

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Photo of the Day (12/16/07)

The mystery of this young woman’s gaze is what drew me to this photo taken by twingadani in Rajasthan, India. What do you suppose she’s thinking? Her look seems to communicate some disdain and perhaps apathy. I can’t help but be curious about her day to day life — in fact, it’s the kind of photo that inspires me to travel.

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