Escape from Chicago with low Fall rates at The Abbey

Several weeks ago, I had the chance to check out The Abbey Resort and Spa on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. 80 miles from Chicago and even less from Milwaukee, it’s the perfect Fall escape from either city. Chicago residents don’t even need a car to get there; the Metra train runs from downtown Chicago to the Harvard stop, where a resort shuttle bus will pick guests up. Relaxing on the train as the colorful Autumn leaves go by sounds like a great way to get into “vacation mode:”

Fall rates normally start at $216 per night, but for select weekends throughout the next two weeks, The Abbey is offering a special promotion for its Twitter followers and pricing rooms at just $79 per night. The deal is valid on October 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 with limited availability.

Covered in the rate is daily admission to the spa, which includes use of the locker room, pool, sauna, steam, whirlpool, and all group fitness classes. The resort also offers plenty of Autumn activities onsite and nearby, like games, fall foliage drives, wine-tasting, and you-pick farm stands.

To snag the deal, follow The Abbey on Twitter, and book online using the promo code: TWEET.

SkyMall Monday: Deluxe Prism Glasses

I love to read. Nothing beats relaxing in the SkyMall Monday headquarters curled up in my Slanket while reading my favorite catalog. But reading involves so much effort. First I have to pick up the catalog (back strain alert!). Then I have to recline in my chair or bed (argh!). And finally, I have to tilt my head to see the page! Tilt my head!? Do you think I can just tilt my head for long stretches of time and endure that type of stress on my body? Do I look like some kind of Olympic athlete? Head movement is not for weekend warriors like you and me. No, sir. People like us, we need to tone down these hardcore physical endeavors to make them safe. That’s why we should never even attempt to read without the Deluxe Prism Glasses.

The Deluxe Prism Glasses allow you to read while appearing to stare up at the ceiling. But you’re not counting the tiles above you. No, you’re actually reading your book thanks to the mirrors in these glasses. You see (pun intended), the Deluxe Prism Glasses shift the words and images on the page 90° so that you don’t have to tilt your head towards the book. Finally, reading is a passive activity!

I know what you’re thinking: “But, Mike. Surely this product can’t be as mind-blowing as you are describing.” You’re right. It’s even more mind-blowing than that. Just check out ye olde product description and prepare for even more blowing:

We’ve found the perfect solution for those who like to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back…The prism turns the page to a 90 degree angle right before your eyes, eliminating the need for head movement. Lie on your back with your head upon the pillow as normal, and you’ll be able to read the book which rests comfortably on your chest.

You didn’t even know that you had a problem and now you have a solution! And they’ve eliminated the need for head movement, which, as you know, is the fifth most common cause of death amongst Americans age 3-112.* My only concern is resting the book on my chest. I was about to read “War and Peace” and I worry that it will affect my ability to breath comfortably.

Oh, why think about that? My neck muscles will begin to atrophy in no time, making any other issues pretty meaningless. Now, if only I knew how to read.

* That is patently untrue.

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Daily deal – 99 perfectly relaxing songs for under a buck

I’ll admit it – my daily deal for today is a bit of an oddball, but since we all travel, and probably could do with a bit of relaxation every now and then, I’m convinced some of you could benefit from this collection.

The album contains 99 “perfectly relaxing songs“, each song normally sells for 99 cents, but for a limited time, you can download all 99 songs, for just 99 cents!

The music is downloaded in DRM-free MP3, which means you can load it on pretty much any media player, including the iPod and iPhone.

To make loading the music onto your player easier, download the Amazon MP3 music application before you purchase the songs, that way you’ll be able to automatically import them into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Photo of the Day (3-11-09)

I was first attracted to this photo because of the stance of the girl perched on the cart. Then the words Hai bôn´ caught my attention. Aha, Vietnam, I thought. The shoes are another give away that this is a Vietnamese scene. The shoes that these three have on are sold everywhere throughout the country. The red hat adds interest to the composition besides. Along with the visual appeal, jabry1221 has captured a scene that exudes happiness and delight.

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Photo of the Day (8/01/07)

This photo “watching the world” by benny jewell reminds me of what travel feels like sometimes–still and whirling. Right now I’m traveling out of my element and routine between Seattle, Washington and Philipsburg, Montana. In the midst of visiting friends, I’m searching out places with WiFi, making sure my kids are entertained and taking in new sites. It’s a glorious time, but, like this photo, can make me feel relaxed and dizzy at the same time.

I’m curious about the image right above the person’s feet. Is it a statue? Is the green caused by trees? Turkey is mentioned on the tag list. Where in Turkey is this? This photo was recently posted on July 24 and I wonder what benny jewell is shooting now.

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