Keep important items accessible – Packing tip

Before you go on your road trip, make sure to pack your car so the most important items are easily accessible.

Many people make the mistake of packing their essential items first — so as not to forget them — but this means those essential items wind up underneath multiple bags and other supplies. In case of an emergency, you need to be able to find your important items quickly and easily.

If you’re bringing food and water, place them in a position that is accessible by the driver and the front passengers seat. This will help you refrain from having to crawl to the back of the car or take your eyes off the road.

Bring games – Road trip tip

Entertaining kids — or adults! — on a road trip is all about what’s in the bag. Bring along an eco-friendly grocery tote stuffed with some of your favorite items that aren’t heavy or messy. Some key items to pack include:

  • write on/wipe off boards with appropriate markers
  • an Etch-a-Sketch
  • a Rubik’s Cube
  • trivia cards
  • books and/or magazines with entertaining or funny questions or quizzes
  • a book of Mad Libs

New state, new map – Road trip tip

When road-tripping, pick up a fresh map every time you enter a new state.

In the United Sates, there are often welcome centers or rest stations that provide free state maps. When on the interstate, take the time to stretch your legs and pick up an official state map.

A state map from the state’s Department of Transportation provides information and details not normally found on your national atlas. State maps can offer facts about driving laws, attractions, and locations — as well as invaluable, detailed city maps (usually on the reverse side). State maps also serve as excellent (free) mementos of your trip.

So remember, new state, new map.

Get to know your co-passengers – Road trip tip

Make the road trip as memorable as the destination itself.

Although car rides with the family can be a great experience, the road trip was designed for great friends to get away and escape everyday life. While traveling with friends, keep the radio off. Try playing a game like, “Top Five Celebrities I Want to Date.” Not only will games like this make the miles pass quicker, you can learn an awful lot about your friends. (Sometimes too much!)

Bonus Tip: Make frequent stops along the way for sightseeing, dinner, etc. This will provide the opportunity for new experiences and encounters.

Photo of the Day (9-30-09)

This photo taken in New Hampshire by terberman gives me hope that this year’s fall foliage in Ohio will be splendid. Last year’s was a huge disappointment–nothing but green, a tint of yellow and then mottled brown. In order for colors to pop, like these beauties are doing in the northeast, nights need to be cool.

For ideas of where to head for the best colors, here’s a post from Gadling’s archives when Meg did a round-up of favorite foliage destinations. Stay tuned here at Gadling for additional autumn foliage options–more are coming.

Wherever you go, imagine what Monet or Renior might have painted if they were looking through your eyes. Certainly, either one of them would have captured on canvas the essence of terberman’s work that we see here.

If you’ve taken a picture where colors pop, send them our way at Gadling’s Flicker photo pool. One might be chosen as a Photo of the Day.