Birthday Vacations: Let Your Horoscope Guide You

My husband used to take his birthday off from work to head to Laguna Pueblo’s Feast Day when he lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Last year, a friend of mine went to Las Vegas with a group of women friends to celebrate hers.

Today’s my birthday and I’m taking my son to school for his first day of kindergarten, meeting a friend at Borders for coffee, (and yes, I’ll browse the travel books and magazine sections), write some Gadling posts, and after picking my son up from kindergarten will get head to my daughter’s soccer game. They are playing out of town in Groveport, Ohio so perhaps there will be a neat eatery worth a stop. Since this is certainly not a birthday itinerary with a WOW!!! factor, kind of sweet for sure, but not WOW, I searched for travel I might do today if I had another life —not that I want another life, I’m just saying.

I found this article which presents a darned clever idea. When looking to plan a birthday trip, let your zodiac sign be your guide.

Actually, the idea is to plan a romantic getaway for your love or like interest based on his or her horoscope. That’s nice and all, but why not plan for your own? The zodiac signs are listed along with a brief description of personality traits and a suggested trip for each.

Here are the highlights from Susan Breslow Sardone’s article. Whether you go along with horoscope stuff or not, I think these are fun reads. If you go to each link, you’ll find more links to specific suggestions. And, yes, I know these are not in order of when they show up during the year.

  1. Aries: a volunteer vacation. The world’s the limit.
  2. Aquarius: Las Vegas
  3. Cancer: Cooperstown or Disney World
  4. Capricorn: A luxury hotel
  5. Gemini: A great city
  6. Leo: London, England
  7. Libra: A romantic hotel
  8. Pices: Hawaii
  9. Sagittarius: An adventure vacation
  10. Taurus: A cruise
  11. Scorpio: The Caribbean
  12. Virgo: (and that would be me) An award-winning resort. Hmmm. I think I’d rather take the London trip, but I could look for the resort while I’m there.