Scosche announces pre-sales of eight iPhone 4 cases

I’m not entirely sure what kind of overtime is involved in designing not one, but eight cases – but to pull this off a mere 24 hours after Apple announced their newest iPhone is quite impressive.

Scosche were obviously not content with just one case, so they designed a different case for almost any purpose:

  • KickBACK g4 is a glossy case with an integrated kickstand
  • SwitchKASE g4 is a clear silicone skin with removable armband
  • SwitchBACK g4 is a kickstand case with interchangeable covers
  • MetalliKASE g4 is an all metallic case with a mirrored screen protector
  • BeefKASE g4 is made from genuine leather and plastic
  • BandEDGE g4 polycarbonate case offers a rubber bumper edge
  • BandIT g4 is a durable rubber shield
  • GlosSEE g4 is a full rubber case made of a “unique glossy material”

All these new cases are available for pre-order, with an expected shipping date around the end of the month – just in time for the availability of the new iPhone 4. Prices start at $19.99.

Product review – Scosche ReviveLITE iPod/iPhone charger/nightlight

The Scosche RevieLITE is the kind of gadget that always manages to get my attention – it takes a really basic feature, and adds something “cool”.

In this product, Scosche combined an iPod/iPhone charger with a nightlight into a slick portable device.

The unit features a set of folding prongs on the rear, and a folding iPod charger on the side. On the front is an LED with a light sensor and a power switch for the nightlight.

It’s about as simple as can be – plug the unit into the wall, plug your iPod in, and let it charge. When you arrive back at your hotel room and you are too drunk to find the light switch, the reviveLITE will show the way to your bed – provided you were able to find a suitable outlet.

Of course – even the simplest of products often have one major flaw, and in the case of the reviveLITE, it is the lack of rotating prongs. Everything is fine and dandy if you use it with a vertially placed outlet, but a horizontal outlet will mean your iPod hangs on its side. Not a massive inconvenience, but still pretty annoying.

The Scosche reviveLITE retails for $39.99, but is available from retailers like Amazon for under about $10 less, which is not too bad for a quality iPod charger. The charger weighs just 2.7oz, which is lighter than most iPod chargers, especially since those usually require a separate cable in your bag.