Photo of the day – Traveler vs tourist

photo of the day

Ah, the good old tourist vs. traveler debate. Every travel blog has inevitably touched on this non-issue of which is more “authentic” or “real.” Can’t we all just get along? Whether you hit the road to check the big tourist attractions off your list or do as the locals do, you’re traveling and you’re not really local, so who cares which way is better? This photo from Mumbai by Flickr user Chris Hoare captures a small market heavy on the advertising from Indian TV channel Fox History & Traveller and the world’s favorite drink, Coca Cola. While a trip to India should definitely include a sampling of local foods and beverages, you could hardly be called a tourist for drinking the same soda the native population enjoys.

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Photo of the day – I break for tanks

photo of the day
Road signs are designed to be universal so that anywhere in the world drivers can be aware of local driving rules and potential hazards. Yet this sign in South Korea isn’t something you’ll see on most roads, setting the speed limit for trucks as well as tanks at 20 kilometers per hour. Flickr user BaboMike guesses it’s a remnant from the war, as tank traffic isn’t so common these days.

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15 weird road signs from around the world

weird road signs

Travel around the world, and you’ll come across plenty of weird road signs that make the signs in the US seem downright boring. From the sign you see above (from South Africa), to signs warning about prostitutes, we’ve collected some of the funniest warnings from around the globe.

Got any others you’d like to share? Drop them in the links and we’ll include them in a future lineup!No smoking – for ANYONE

weird road signs

Probably a prank sign, but that doens’t make it any less funny.

A warning that will probably be ignored

weird road signs

That is one way to warn drivers not to go under the bridge if their vehicle is too high. Still, wanna bet the occassional driver tries anyway?

French speakers, turn left, Flemish speakers, turn right

weird road signs

The rivalry between the Flemish and the Walloons in Belgium can be pretty rough – This detour sends the French speakers to the left and the Flemish to the right. Seems downright mean to me.

Warning: deaf cat ahead

weird road signs

According to some forum posters, this is a real sign – warning about a deaf cat.

Aircraft have the right of way – yeah, no s**t!

weird road signs

No need to tell me this – if I’m driving down a road, and a plane wants to cross in front of me, I’ll always give them the right of way.

Translation please?

weird road signs

I can tell that this has something to do with camels – but what do they want us to do? Hit them? Avoid them?

Warning: prostitutes ahead!

weird road signs

I’m not sure whether this is an informational sign directing Italians to the prostitutes, or whether it is warning people not to hit them – but I doubt we’ll be seeing this sign in the US any time soon.

Pubic service announcement

weird road signs

Either a very good fake, or a council working too hard to warn people about the dangers lurking in the dark forests.

Never trust your GPS!

weird road signs

We did a little research on this one, and it appears to warn truck drivers not to use their GPS unit in the area. Most likely due to poor maps directing truck drives down a cliff or a road that is too narrow for their vehicles.

Redundant sign department

weird road signs

From the totally redundant department.

Another translation required

weird road signs

I’m sure this sign makes perfect sense. If you can read Chinese. Sadly, I can not, so to me it just seems to warn me about throwing things out of my car, but for all I know, it could be directing me to a local pub.

The vehicular dangers of the email auto-responder

weird road signs

This is a classic (and one that pops up a lot) – it is a sign from the UK in English and Welsh – but the Welsh translation is actually an auto-responder from the translation expert at the council offices saying: “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated“. Whoever sent the email got a reply back right away (of course) and assumed it was the correct translation.

Hope this is not illegal to ignore!

weird road signs

Presented without comment.

Farts can kill

weird road signs

Forest flatulence is dangerous!

Photo of the day – arty rooster graffiti in Portugal

Photo of the day
Many of us have a certain “thing” we like to photograph when traveling. For some, it’s food. For Gadling blogger Mike Barish, it’s amusing signs, as well as himself with various SkyMall products. Personally, I like graffiti, like today’s photo from Portugal taken by Flickr user Rita Moreno. The graffiti is practically arty in it’s framing, colors, and even the tears in the paint seem thoughtful and eye-catching.

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Disney to dismantle iconic California sign

disney California sign is coming down

Disney is in the midst of a major overhaul at its California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, and the latest change is the removal of an iconic sign at the entry.

The California sign – really more of a monument than a sign, with letters spelling California stretched out in front of the park – will be removed next month.

That sign has been in countless family photos over the years, as many groups gather around it to take a picture before entering the park each day.

The letters get a makeover for certain seasons and for special events. When the theme park opened its World of Color show this summer, the letters were in technicolor. This holiday season, they have candy cane stripes.

disney california sign to be replaced by this gateThe remodeled entrance will echo the design of the legendary Pan Pacific Auditorium, and look a lot like the gate at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida.

That fits with the park’s re-theming, which is supposed to reflect back on Southern California in the 1930s, after Walt Disney arrived and started his studio.

The official Disney Parks blog reports that the CALIFORNIA letters will be kept for “possible future use.”

[Image credit (CALIFORNIA sign): Flickr user PunkJr]