Pricing is out for Telluride ski season

It’s hard to think about the slopes right now. The sun is beating down, and sweat is a part of daily life. But, there are a few people out there whose minds still drift to mountain tops and a chill in the air. Well, we just got a step closer to ski season: Telluride Ski Resort has announced its season pass rates for the coming winter. And, they’ll look pretty familiar. The resort has decided not to raise rates this year. In fact, you could spend less this year, depending on how you buy.

Four adults can purchase their season passes together during the annual Pass Sale and get an extra year’s reprieve. An individual will spend $1,198 for the full season, but if four get together, they can pay the 2007 rate of $988 a person. The only catch is that you need to do it between August 3, 2009 and October 30, 2009.

The savings is stretched even further when you realize that you get more for your money this year. Gold Hill Chutes 2-5 are opening this year, terrain that skiers have been dying to access, with chutes dropping 1,600 vertical feet. To “control the terrain,” as they say, the resort has enlisted the help of two WWII howitzers.

Take THAT, terrain!


The resort‘s CEO, Dave Riley, says, “Our goal is to create attractive pass options for our core customers.” Yeah, the savings pretty much drives that message home. He continues, “With new terrain opening this year, and Revelation Bowl and Palmyra Peak opening the last two seasons, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience what Telluride has to offer.”

Are these just words? Well, when you consider that an single adult pass represents a savings of 35 percent relative to regular season prices, and the deal for four will cut the price almost in half, Riley’s putting his money where his mouth is.

Now, if only winter would hurry up and get here!

Two days, 21 inches in Telluride

Telluride currently bears the weight of 21 inches of snow, and I, for one, can’t think of a better place to be stranded. The powder is soft and begging to be carved, so grab your skis and pick up a lift ticket. The Telluride Ski Resort is starting packages at $119 a night next month, making a quick trip out to the slopes even more enticing.

This is the second year in a row that Telluride has had record snowfall in December. For the entire month, more than 100 inches of fresh flakes have fallen. That’s more than eight feet! For the entire season, total snowfall is close to 12 feet. The resort’s CEO, Dave Riley, sweetens the pot, with “new terrain, chairlift, restaurants, howitzers, snowcats, hotels and air service on top of the fantastic start to the season.”

Yes, Dave, we know. We need to get out to Telluride.

Head out west for New Year’s Eve, and you’ll get to enjoy a fireworks display, torch light parade and a countdown on Main Street at the courthouse clock tower.

Podpro Ski and Snowboard Guides

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Now all you need to figure out is how to avoid dropping your precious Apple device in a snowdrift when you wipe out.