Slow Travel: A New Vacation Trend?

Do you wind up feeling stressed out on your holidays — rushing around to see all the “important,” or “must see” attractions when you’d really just like to take it easy?

Maybe it’s time to slow down, and re-think how you’re planning those getaways.

To get you started, check out — a Web site aimed at travelers who want a calmer, slower, more leisurely way to vacation. The site helps you find a short-term rental property instead of a hotel, which, according to site founder Pauline Kenny, “let’s you live like a local: shop at local stores, go to the same cafe every morning, take time to see the things that are near you.”

And she’s right. Not only will taking the time to really investigate your surroundings give you a more relaxing experience, I’ve found it’s also the only way to get a taste for the local culture in a short period of time. Otherwise you run the risk of getting lost amongst the tourists.

If you’re interested in the concept, check out Kenny’s Five Favorite European Destinations for ideas on where you can go to take that next trip just a little…more…slowly.